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nd level, Block 205 Hougang Street 21, Heartland Mall Singapore 530205
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Hansik Restaurant provide the finest quality of korean food. The restaurant aims to let customers to have a taste of Korean culture.

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Authentic korean food at a reasonable price

As I stay near kovan, I always walked past this restaurant but haven't really tried it. Recently, somebody recommended this to my mother and she decided to bring the family along. It is a really nice place to dine in, with wooden tables and korean decorations. Some of the waiters are koreans too, if I'm not wrong it may be the lady boss and her son or brother.

We ordered a hotpot and a few other dishes and it came along with seven small appetizers. The soup is already prepared and put on the stove on the table for us to cook it ourselves, even though the really friendly waiters and waitresses will help us stir it once in a while and tell us when it is ready to be eaten. We could also add soup towards the end if we want, though I would suggest not to because by then there won't be enough vegetables in the soup to add to the taste of the soup. If not, the soup with everything in it is really tasty, and is also very filling.

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just great!

Hanshik is a really nice place to dine at as their food are cooked by Koreans, ensuring the authenticity of each dish, plus the cost is not unreasonable.

Each table are served with an array of 7 korean appetizers served on little platters, such as kimchi, bean sprouts and seaweed. These are unique to their culture and taste different in how they are prepared. These are free flow, and also come with a jar of barley tea.

My friend and I tried their beef bulgogi which was really tasty and tender, as well their bibimbap which came in a stone bowl and was really fragrant. I also tried their japchae which was kind of like glass noodles, but it was very delicious as well since the sweet potato noodles are supposed to be able to absorb lots of flavour. I will be going back to try their samgyetang and etc. other mouth-watering food!

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