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Bibigo serves fresh and healthy Korean cuisine to patrons from all over the world as a part of a Korean food globalization project by CJ.

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Modern restaurant for a traditional dish

Bibigo is a modern restaurant specializing in an iconic Korean dish - Bibimbap. They also sell a variety of Korean side dishes and soups, but you can’t visit Bibigo without trying one of their Bibimbaps.

The restaurant uses only authentic bibimbap ingredients, such as the thicker variety of bean sprouts. They aim to serve up a healthier menu, so you can also opt for brown rice in your bibimbab.

Service-wise the staff are friendly and the food arrives promptly. The last time I went they don’t use an iPad ordering system despite their modern look, so you order your food the old-school way.

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Exceeding expectations

During one of my outings, my friends and I faced a shortage of choice. It was lunch hour, and the crowd seemed to have taken up every seat in every restaurant/food outlet we came across. Hence, you can say that Bibigo was a last resort in that we happened to see some available seats and rushed for it.

I was never a avid Korean food fan, and the smaller multitude of choices I noticed in this restaurant did not stoke any hidden sparks of interest, and all I wanted to do was to fill myself up, albeit at quite a hefty price upon purveying the menu. I decided on a plate of Char grilled bulgogi and rice, whereas my friends ordered kimchi fried rice.

Upon the first mouthful of bulgogi, however, something clicked. I've often had grilled beef accompanied with my rice, but somehow, the beef offered by Bibigo seems embossed with a special flavour. It was sweet yet rich, spicy but not too spicy. Although I did not quite like the accompanying vegetables, I enjoyed my meal.

I discovered later upon payment that Bibigo actually uses a special sauce, which you could buy for $8 a bottle to prepare your own meat. There and then, I almost bought one bottle, until I felt the emptiness of my wallet.

Worth a shot but please load up on cash/bring your credit card as dishes tend to be on the pricey side.

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Great for family!

Last Sunday afternoon, I went to Bibigo with some friends and their parents. Surprisingly, the place is rather empty on a Sunday lunch hour, providing a quiet and relaxing lunch ambience for us.

A friend and I browsed through the whole menu and decided to order this glass noodles look-alike dish (pardon my poor memory with names) and no doubt, great minds think alike. It reminded me of phad thai and I love how all the ingredients blended so well with each other. Usually I would just toss the greens and beansprouts aside, but I finished all of them this time. The only downside was the oddly small serving which feels more like an appetizer size to me. We also shared their rice wine which I thought was very suitable during gatherings. Finally, I find it to be a place suitable for all ages because of their healthy dishes and my friend’s parents love their food as well!

Definitely a great place to bring your parents and family to!

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Limited selection but decent Korean food

I've been wanting to try Bibigo because the food looked so delicious, and the interior of the restaurant looked so inviting from the outside. So when I finally got the chance to try the food out, I was so excited and full of anticipation.

We were showed to a table promptly, and the staff were very patient in helping us out with our orders and giving us food recommendations. We were also served several dishes of appetisers, such as japchae and kimchi. Our food arrived really quickly too. I like how the dishes are healthy. For example, we can choose the type of rice (white, brown, barley) we want, and the food tastes less oily and really light on our palate too.

We tried the spicy tofu stew, which tasted really good. The bulgogi was tender and flavourful, and the Bibigo rice, which is similar to Bibimbap, was quite decent too. The portions, especially the stew, were quite generous. The only downside of Bibigo is that it does not offer a wide range of Korean food on its menu, and some of the dishes tend to be on the pricey side.

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healthy but pricey

I was attracted by the fancy pictures outside of the shop promising really delicious and yet healthy food. Stepping in, my friend and I were by very friendly and hospitable staff and quickly seated.

We ordered the spicy soft tofu stew with pork which was served in a hot stone pot and came with 2 appetizers and a bowl of rice. We ordered another bowl of rice and chose from their 4 different types available: white, black, brown&white and barley&white. I got black which I find tastes like pulut hitam, and my friend tried barley&white which was literally just that; white rice mixed with barley grains. They both tasted a little odd eaten with the soup as the rice had their own strong flavour. While I enjoyed mine which complemented each other in an odd way, my friend disliked her barley rice with the soup and said it was weird.

The soup was pretty good with really silky tofu but I honestly do not think that it was anything special and worth the cost of $14++. Kimchi soup can be easily made or found elsewhere, hence I would recommend others to order something else when eating here. It was a very nutritious meal all in all, and we were both full from sharing.

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