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Listing created by kremekitten on September 05, 2012    

A unique Korean restaurant to open soon in Singapore. Closed one 2nd and 4th Monday of the month

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1130am – 3pm Dinner: 530pm – 12am
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Home-cooked Korean Food

Bigmama doesn't have the polished skills of a professional restaurant, which really does resemble home cooking a lot. However the problem is I don't really have a affinity to Korean home-cooking since I'm Singaporean, so I couldn't really appreciate the homeliness of the dishes. Also, Bigmama might have tuned a few dishes to suit Singaporean preferences as the taste profile differed from the ones in Korea. It's a smart business move in a way, but then it starts drifting away from being authentic which conflicts the entire style.

In terms of affordability, I don't think it's as cheap as some other reviewers put it out to be. The simple menu is also roughly $10-$12 for single portion of mix rice or noodles, which is in the normal restaurant range compared to food court Korean food which is about $7-$8. I actually recommend Superstar K Korean BBQ instead, which is around the same price range but the quality is much superior.

For FULL review and photos, check out my blog link below.

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(Updated: September 15, 2013)

Great Service, Good price and good food!

Located along the streets of Tiong Bahru, BigMama is just a few minutes’ walk away for their mrt station and is slowly gaining its popularity around this district. After hearing about it from my mum’s friend about this restaurant, my mum and I decided to patronize and try some authentic Korean food. The minute we went in the store, we would see all the highly recommended dishes on the wall. My mum and I decided to try their Dakgalbi/Spicy Grilled Chicken which is highly recommended by them. Before we have our main dishes, we were served with the usual six side dishes. Even if we requested for one more side dishes, the staffs would just gave up other serving without charging us any money.

While eating the side dishes, a pan with the fresh ingredients would be place on a piping hot grill and the staffs would be standing at the table to cook for us. Such a good service. The Dakgalbi is really delicious! Dakgalbi is served by marinated chicken chunks with their homemade chilli sauce by stir-frying it with some vegetables and rice cake. Accompanied with a bowl of rice, the Korean dish is really fulfilling and makes people crave for more. What’s more? The food is really healthy and there’s no MSG involved.

Dakgalbi is only $15 for a pax and there’s no hidden GST and tax. Authentic grill Korean food along with staffs helping to grill, I would really recommend this place to everyone who love eating Korean food.

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