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Simple korean food - mixed rice, jigae (soups), bulgogi and ramyeon.

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Average but satisfactory

Conveniently located in the heart of *SCAPE shopping mall, Su Superstar Korean Cuisine serves up affordable and tasty korean cuisine. If you’re looking for a korean food fix without wanting to burn a hole in your pocket, this place is perfect for you.

Aside from the standard Korean bibimbap and bulgogi dishes, Su Superstar offers an extensive menu of Ramyeon ranging with various flavours so there’s definitely something for everyone!

I was walking past this place and decided to give it a try one weekday evening after running some errands in town. For the price you pay, you can’t expect something out-of-this-world but it was pretty decent. I found their appetizer menu rather unique, I exceptionally enjoyed their kimaree. Their ramyeon isn’t anything rave-worthy, it just tasted like regular instant noodles to me. I would go back to try the other flavored ramyeon.

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(Updated: October 24, 2014)

Favourite to-go for a bibimbap fix

To start off, I am a total Korean food junkie. Out of, say, ten times that I frequent a Korean restaurant, about eight times I'll order bibimbap, a popular Korean dish where you mix rice with vegetables, meat and egg in a stone bowl.

Conveniently located right in the middle of *SCAPE, Su Superstar Korean Cuisine takes on an awfully simple store concept that it gives off the impression that they serve less than authentic Korean food. (Or is it just me?)

However, this shop has turned into my number one to-go whenever I crave for bibimbap. Other than the fact that it's so yummy (after putting in loads of bibimbap sauce), it's very affordable, so plus points for my student budget wallet. I'd usually order a bowl of bibimbap along with a plate of spicy rice cakes, which are alright.

The small humble eatery has an open concept, and they operate on a self-service ordering system where you can simply key in your orders on an iPad to order the food. Haven't tried the other dishes, but I'm so in love with their bibimbap I doubt I'll find enough self-control to order something else the next time I'm there.

However, as much as I recommend their bibimbap dish, don't expect side dishes to be served like how other Korean restaurants/eateries do. You can get it at around $1.10 for a really small portion of side dishes.

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Value For Money: Typical Simple But Comforting Korean Fare in the City

Conveniently located in the heart of Orchard/Somerset, Su Superstar Korean is much like many of the small Korean eateries that have popped up through out the city. The food is simple and fairly priced though clearly not cooked by a Korean.

Service and Ambience

Being a small eatery, it being self-service is certainly no surprise. But what is impressive is that it uses ipads to order (something which I expected to be more of restaurant-qualty service).

As for the ambience, the place is certainly simple but with a unassuming feel. Over weekday lunch it is certainly quiet and makes for a good lunch venue away from the crowd.

Food and Drink

Other than the typical tofu with seafood soup, bulgogi, bibimbap, the menu offers an extensive list of instant noodles (ramyeon). The dry or soup noodles with various sauces incorporated in each dish promises a diverse variety of flavours from spicy, jajangmyeon, cheese to seafood - more than 8 options to choose from!

Another interesting aspect of its menu is the extensive coverage of appetizers. Not only do they offer the typical sushi (kimbap) but it also offers deep-fried dumplings (mandoo), deep fried noodles wrapped in seaweed (kimaree) and more options that typically can only be found in Korean street food stalls!


Though it may not be as tasteful as the many Korean restaurants in Singapore (one nearby competitor is clearly Togi just across the street at TripleOne Somerset) but it is truly value for money and offers many unique menu options! Give it a chance today!

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