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Lee Si Min
Listing created by Lee Si Min on March 10, 2014    

Manbok Galbi is a restaurant serving all sorts of Korean food such as barbeque buffets, stews and pancakes. 

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Great but expensive BBQ

I chanced upon Manbok BBQ while looking for a Korean restaurant along Tanjong Pagar and decided to try this place. Manbok serves Korean barbeque buffets, and my friends and I were pleasantly surprised to know that they provide us with a steamboat pot as well as the grilling pan.

The selection of food, especially the meat was pretty decent. I loved the pork slices as well as the beef galbi, which was well-marinated. There were other selections of food such as salads, fruits, Korean spicy rice cakes,, and even ice-cream. There was even a corner for us to choose our own seafood steamboat ingredients. We decided to make an army stew, and the waitress promptly helped us to prepare the ingredients. Also, the service of the staff was good, they promptly changed our grill pan a couple of times without needing us to remind them.

The only downside of this place would be the price. My friends and I didn't check the price, and only found out that each of us had to pay $40+ for the buffet. Even though the food was decent, I think there are cheaper alternatives out there with equally decent Korean barbeque food.

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