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Listing created by tayeileen on April 23, 2013    

Here's where you can enjoy authentic Korean food in the most comfortable setting! The price range is on the slightly higher end, but it's definitely so worth it :)

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Lunch: 12pm to 3pm, Dinner: 5pm to 3am, Opens all year round


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Pricey but Great Food!

You know you've come to the right place when all the Korean businessmen frequent this place! Jokes aside, the food's great, but the place gets packed so make sure you are there early on weekend nights!

One thing I must highlight is the staff who are all very patient in explaining the different meats and menu offerings. Though not all of them are Korean, they seem to have a genuine passion about all things Korean and converse with their Korean patrons very easily. In a restaurant where re-fills for side dishes are not only common but frequent (yes, it is so tasty, you can't just stop at one serving) and thankfully they never get annoyed no matter how many times to call for their help.

As for the food, evidently if you aren't there for BBQ, the menu is quite limited with only the typical offerings of bibimbap, japchae and pancakes. But the bibimbap comes with a special bibim sauce that isnt as thick as what you usually find at other restaurants, and has a light sesame flavour to it. I highly recommend Bibimbap lovers to give this a try for something different!

With regards to their extensive BBQ menu, there are of course no complaints from this meat-lover! Feel free to ask the attendants about the different types and quantity of meat. And as with most Korean BBQ restaurants, let them do the bbq for you for the perfect grill!

Last reminder: Be early! This place gets packed!

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(Updated: July 02, 2013)

One of the best Korean food

토담골 Todamgol indeed serves one of the most authentic Korean food and the decor makes the restaurant look absolutely inviting, with the warm and welcoming lights.

We ordered the Ginseng Chicken Soup and Bibimbap (MIxed Rice). Please don't be turned off by the amount of seaweed that's on their Bibimbap because that was my initial thought as well, and I was totally proven wrong. The mixed rice has this special flavoursome taste and I finished the entire bowl of it. That was definitely a major achievement, considering the fact that I am not a rice person. But it simply tasted awesome. The chicken soup broth was well-seasoned (I like it not being to salty).


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