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#01-04/07 School of The Arts Singapore (SOTA) 1 Zubir Said Drive Singapore Singapore 227968
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Therese Grosse
Listing created by Therese Grosse on October 30, 2014    

Newly opened in September, I'm KIM Korean BBQ offers high quality meats for barbeque and other dishes such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), chicken wings, and potato wedges. 

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Cheap way to satisfy your Korean BBQ cravings

I’m KIM Korean BBQ - nearly every SOTA student’s favourite place to dine at. Located very conveniently at SOTA, it boasts of a decent variety of meat such as pork belly, garlic chicken, marinated ribeye, short ribs to name a few. The goodness does not stop there. I’m KIM Korean BBQ also offers wide range of side dishes consisting of Korean pancakes, kimchi fried rice, japchae (Korean glass noodles) and seaweed soup that you can pair with your choice of meat (this list is definitely not exhaustive). However, bear in mind that you get what you pay for. I find that the quality of the side dishes often differs - if you are unfortunate, the tteokbokki may be too mushy, or the pancakes not seasoned well enough.

At just $14 for a buffet lunch, this restaurant is extremely affordable, as evidenced by the throngs of students who patronize it every weekday. Students will be happy to know that I’m KIM Korean BBQ regularly holds student lunch promotions every now and then. Just present your student pass and your lunch buffet will only set you back a mere $12.90!

If you are the sort of person who enjoys spending hours languishing at the buffet table, I suggest opting for their dinner instead of lunch. There is no time limit imposed on diners during dinner time, whereas customers during weekday lunch are subjected to 1.5 hours dining time and 2 hours dining time for weekends. It would be best to call beforehand to make a reservation, especially on weekends and days leading up to public holidays in order to beat the crowd.

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One of the most value for money KBBQs.

On my last visit, I had to wait for 45 minutes before I finally stepped foot into the restaurant. And honestly, its popularity is no surprise. At an average of $25 for dinner, it is definitely one of the more affordable K-BBQ restaurants around!

Furthermore, despite their relatively lower prices, this restaurant does not scrimp on taste or quantity.With its vast array of different marinated meats and cooked food, prepare your stomach for a night of joyous feasting. Note: Do not miss their chicken wings, those were so yummy I downed 6 of them in one sitting!! If you are a fan of spicy food, their Volcano Spicy Chicken is not to be missed too.

One bad thing about the place is that there are no smoke vents so it’s likely you’ll walk out of the place smelling like grilled pork. On the bright side, that’s a wonderful smell.

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Beware the spicy chicken

The first thing that hits you as you enter this restaurant is the intense smell of BBQ around the entire establishment.The competition between korean BBQs in Singapore is tough, and this restaurant has a few unique dishes up its sleeve to let it stand out among the competition.

First, their Signature “Volcano” Chicken, which lives up to its name.The first few bites are fine, but the heat slowly creeps in until you realise, only too late, that this chicken has no chill at all. Thankfully, you can take a sip (or gulp) of their Sikhye (rice punch) to put out the fire. Don’t worry if chilli is not your thing though, you are still spoilt for choice with 9 other varieties of meat, and very good cooked dishes.

My meal here would have been perfect if not for the dismal ventilation and the lack of fume extractors. I left the restaurant greasy from head to toe and smelling of roast meat. I was having dinner so I went straight home for a shower, twice.

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(Updated: February 13, 2015)

Soo worth ittt

I love bbq and LOVE free flow food and so when I walked past it and it seductively beckoned me to stop by - I'm only human - I couldn't resist. So I dragged a friend along with me that evening and I think it was the best $25 I've ever spent on food.

Priced extremely affordably and easy to locate, this place is one I will be returning to quite frequently. I think I paid about $25 in total for dinner, and I ate so much that I was bloated for like 4 hours after. From their appetisers to the meat selection and even down to their drinks, everything is made of pure, sinful temptation. I couldn't stop eating!

The only downside is that you'll probably want to make a reservation because when I was there, the walk-in queue was crazy long and moved very slowly because most people had already made reservations. But waiting isn't that bad when you have good company!

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Eat here, feel guilty

My visit to I'm Kim was wonderful for but one gnarly incident.

As my friends and I laid out strips of bacon on the hot grill, their fat spitting away and the juicy aroma forming a cloud around our heads, we turned our head to the left and spotted the gym on the second floor of the building next door. All the treadmills were lined up against the floor to ceilling windows and the gym's occupants jogged, watching us hungrily. (Save for one dude whom I assume must be vegetarian.) But then the spitting fat stung my hand and the guilty moment was gone. The three of us - well two of them were American therefore, bacon - wiped out over thirty slices of bacon.

But it's not only bacon that is delicious. The meat has been marinated to perfection and the chicken wings, the most popular of dishes, gets wiped out in under 20 seconds. People grab six at a time! I suppose you can't help but enjoy Korean, twice-fried chicken. So crispy! The range is marvelous and would satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Soups galore for the older generation, meat for carnivores and salad and sides for vegetarians. All this under $25. Worth it for a massive Korean BBQ yes?

Unfortunately, the low low price comes with several unhappy factors. For one, like Seoul garden, the moist, marinating meats are left out in the open to be prodded by grubby thongs. Secondly the washing and cleaning area is hidden by a moveable trolley of drinks. While the trolley is sizable, it doesn't block the area form view. The surrounding space is also usually damp and unslightly. My suggestion: build a false wall!

Put that aside and sit at the far end of the restaurant, away from the wet mess, and you've got yourself one heck of a Korean BBQ. Finish off the evening with ice cream, it doesn't come with the buffet, but is the perfect way to end the evening. I would say this is a place for groups of students and young adults, but working folk, if you can afford better, go.

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Best Part:
The damn chicken wings
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SOTA, The Cathay
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Yum yum

Situated near POMO, an area I visit pretty often, I'm KIM Korean BBQ has always caught my eye, especially with the affordable prices for students. Needless to say, I had to try it out for myself, so I visited with a friend one day.

The interior was oddly dark the time I went, and perhaps this is the reason why it may not have much draw to passersby. Without bright enough lighting to illuminate the delighted faces of customers, perhaps it loses one marketing point. Which, really, is a pity, given its tasty food.

The meats are pretty well marinated and quite flavourful, but my favourite has to be the Korean pancakes. They are just so yummy! The kimchi taste is just right, and the pancakes are nicely chewy with a hint of crisp. The soups are great too.

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Ssikkek ver.2

I love Korean KBBQ, the word 'love' is an understatement. I was excited to try out I'm KIM Korean BBQ, the new kid on the block situated a walking distance away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT. With the Hallyu Wave bringing in all sorts of Korean food into our little island, the KBBQ restaurant that I found myself to frequent the most is Ssikkek because of its affordable buffet price.

I'm KIM's striking resemblance to Ssikkek made me a little disappointed as I had expected a KBBQ restaurant with a more original concept, but their wider variety of food choices as well as high quality left me a happy customer. My friend and I spent $25 each for a dinner buffet at I'm KIM, which is considerably cheap.

We went on a Wednesday night at around 7pm, and luckily for us, it became full house about ten minutes after we got seated, so do go early if you don't want to wait for a table!

To sum up, don't be fooled by their bright and loud storefront that may lead you into thinking that they have something vastly different to offer, because I'm KIM's KBBQ is honestly just a much better version of Ssikkek in terms of variety, quality and service. I do hope that they keep this up however! I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there and I might have just found my new favourite KBBQ place. More outlets please?

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Dhoby Ghaut
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(Updated: October 31, 2014)

Good food, good service

Having opened recently, I'm KIM has already been enjoying much popularity. When I made a trip down, it was easy to see why. Something that distinguishes I'm KIM from its other K-BBQ counterparts, besides the wide variety of food, is the quality of the other dishes, and the service.

I was surprised to see they had such a wide variety of soups, kimchi stew, pumpkin soup, seaweed soup, and even samgyetang. (ginseng chicken soup)

Their glass noodles were also quite good, though I wish their kimchi pancakes were more sour - it was a little too tasteless for me.

On to the meats! The pork collar and rib-eye were my favourites, but the volcano chicken was good too. It was a tad too spicy for me though, but they had a variety of drinks (rice punch, mango juice, lime juice and korean barley tea) to quench the fire.

Another thing I liked was that after we paid for our meal, they gave us a coupon that was a discount for our next visit. It's a good marketing tactic to promote return customers. Not that they need it though, the quality of the food was reason enough for a return visit! They also have a weekday student lunch promotion, which is $12.90++. For a K-BBQ buffet, that is insanely cheap. Students of SOTA, you know where to go!

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Wide variety
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