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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 05, 2012    

Today, Seoul Garden is no longer a fine-dining concept. But it has stuck to its belief in serving Korean-styled cuisine in a buffet-styled format at very affordable prices. This led us to better reach our customers -- who are usually young families, young working adults and even students in their teenage years. The idea of Seoul Garden is to grow the brand in tandem with the customers – from student years to working adults to starting a family. The range of food served has also evolved through time to meet the local market demands. It has been Halal-certified to meet the growing needs of the Muslim market, but still retains those Korean-styled flavours that made us a household name.

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List of Outlets:
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street #02-52
S188 021
Tel: 6334 3339
Fax: 6336 1338

Ngee Ann City
391A Orchard Road #05-10
S238 873
Tel: 6836 1339
Fax: 6836 1338

Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5 #04-02
S529 510
Tel: 6786 1339
Fax: 6789 1338

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-08/09
S039 594
Tel: 6339 1339
Fax: 6337 1338
(Closed for relocation: 9 - 15 April)

E! Hub Downtown East
(Buffet Ala-Carte)
1 Pasir Ris Close, #01–105
S519 599
Tel: 6581 1339
Fax: 6583 4338

North Point
930 Yishun Avenue 2
Tel: 6257 5339
Fax: 6756 1338

City Square Mall
(Buffet Ala-Carte)
180 Kitchener Road, #03-23/24
Tel: 6297 6339
Fax: 6297 5338

The Clementi Mall
(Buffet Ala-Carte)
3155 Commonwealth
Avenue West #05-18/19/20
Tel: 6659 2339
Fax: 6659 2338

Compass Point
1 Sengkang Square #03-18
S545 078
Tel: 6385 6339
Fax: 6386 1338


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Korean Buffet

Seoul garden is a buffet that has many outlets in Singapore. It specialises in Korean hotpot while they serve other cooked food such as Kimchi and fried rice. Per person costs $30 and it is really not worth the money as the food is of rather low quality. For instance, the Kimchi tasted like packaged food while the fried rice wasn’t very fragrant. There are also seafood selections but they aren’t very fresh.

The staff there are very helpful and friendly, and are always on the go; giving you smiles when you make eye contact with them. A plus point is that the restaurant has very good ventilation and one will not leave with a BBQ smell after having a sumptuous meal. Also, Seoul garden is Halal certified and is a good place for Muslims to enjoy a decent buffet!

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(Updated: September 21, 2015)

Best To Go At Lunch

When you say “Korean BBQ”, the first place that comes to mind is Seoul Garden. It’s the first thing anyone thinks of when you imagine barbecuing meat over a grill, hunched over a table chatting with friends while you eat.
Seoul Garden has a fairly impressive selection of food, ranging from beef bulgogi to bamboo clams, and if you go to the outlets with the hotpot, the soup bases available are pretty flavourful too- my favourite is the tomyum soup base. However, I feel that the quality of the food isn’t worth the price you pay. At about $30/head, at dinnertime, it seems quite steep. However, everything is free-flow, including drinks and ice-cream. They’ve also apparently added bingsu to their dessert options, though I’ve not tried it yet.
Seoul Garden is a great place to meet friends and linger over grilled meat, though I would advise going at lunchtime, where it’s cheaper.

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Ngee Ann City
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Dont come to this place for Korean BBQ/Steamboat

I steped into Seoul Garden recently after so many years. I didnt know why the hiatus, probably because i heard of the food standards dropping, and because there are many korean BBQs which give Seoul Garen a run for their money and quality.

Seoul Garen has both BBQ and steamboat in its services and but they are all really forgettable in my opinion. They have quite a huge range of meat selection, from beef to chicken and pork that are marinated in assortment of sauces such as kimchi, chili, sweet sauce, garlic, but in reality, you cannot really tell the difference when you cook and eat them. The steamboat soup was a total miss, the chicken soup was tasteless and the ingredients were so common like saussages, fishballs etc. Nothing special.

The only redeeming factor in my opinion was the drinks and ice-cream. They ended off the bad meal pretty well, partly becuase my boyfriend likes to take a glass of coca-cola and put in a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to make a coke float.

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Not really worth it.

I still fondly remember my trip to Seoul Garden last month, and it wasn't as good as I had expected it to be. Although they had a wide variety of food, somehow the cooked food did not please me. Moreover, the food was rather expensive and I felt that my money could have been better spent elsewhere. Service could also have been improved as our food items took rather long to arrive.

Nonetheless, it can still be a good place for friends to chill and have some meals together. If you are just looking for a place with average food but a good ambience to meet your friends, then this may be the place for you.

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Expensive buffet!

My first time to Seoul Garden was about 2 months ago when the outlet opened at Clementi Mall. I didn’t really enjoy the buffet spread as it the weekend dinner buffet costs about $30. I only settled for Seoul Garden as it is halal and I was with a muslim friend.

They were great variety in the food options available to us judging from their online menu. Ordering my food just by clicking the screen was a relatively new experience. I didn’t encounter any difficulty with regards to ordering. However, food portions per serving were relatively small. I suppose this is the avoid wastage of food since it’s a buffet. And also, knowing Singaporeans who are generally kiasu with anything free the glutton in us tends to over order. I think you’re charged for wastage of food by the weight of your food. I enjoyed their meat variety mainly chicken as they had almost 10 styles of preparations. From Sichuan to curry to black pepper etc.

The service I experience was fairly poor as the food took long to arrive and also the staff was not very friendly when I wanted to clarify their food preparation style.

All in all, I think it wasn’t a very worth it buffet for me as paying $30 is pretty steep especially when the food didn’t taste that great.

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Clementi Mall
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Halal Korean Buffet

I visited Seoul Garden at Orchard, it was quite pack, and I suggest you do put a reservation if you want go for the dinner hours. As normally it will be full house by 6pm, depending if it’s a weekend or weekday. Reservation is free.

Lately they have come up with more variety of food, such as sushi, several more finger food variety to compliment the usual ice cream selections and also the types of soft drinks you can choose from.

I went there with a friend, per person it costs about $30

The main attractions are the several selections of marinated raw beef, chicken and sometimes lamb slices.

There are also seafood selections too. The staff there are very helpful and friendly, they are always on the go; giving you smiles when you make eye contact with them. The place is clean and there is no smoky stench from all the grilling done by patrons, there is also soup of your choice where you can also boil your food.

Overall, Seoul garden is a nice place for Muslims who would like to try something new such as D-I-Y cooking and also a great place for friends and families.

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Sze Chuan chicken, Tom yum chicken, Spicy chicken, Teriyaki beef
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(Updated: April 18, 2012)

How is it Seoul in any ways?

I personally think that this might be a low budget Buffet for family and friends. However the price is slightly high, as compare to other buffets, the negative part is that the chicken and beef that you actually Barbecue, grill , or boil. It simply doesn't have the true Korea beef taste that i had when i went over to Seoul last 2 years. But the good thing that it is actually for people that wanna try out indoor barbecue in the restaurant instead of going over to chalet, relatives house etc. I would say that it is unique compare to other Buffet, that does not even have the barbecue or the boiling soup. Well, but it is certainly gonna make you full, even though the meat is still tasty despite not having the True Korea taste of it. It's quite worth it as you can spent time with your friends and family having fun barbecuing, trying to mix the ingredients and dishes into the boiling soup! Definitely must try at least once!

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Branch Location:
Bugis Junction
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Chinese Buffet Maybe?

Seoul Garden seems to make a positive revamp compared to 13 years ago when it’s hard to appreciate that its name has anything to do with Korean cuisine.

The buffet menu of 13 years ago was prawns, veg, beef, pork, chicken slices, the usual Chinese buffet items, yong tao fu, and KimChi.

What does Yong Tao fu has to do with Korean cuisine? Was Kim Chi added into the menu makes this restaurant a Korean restaurant? Maybe that was the concept.

However with much knowledge of Korean cuisine driven by Korean Dramas all these years, it’s not difficult to recognize Bulggogi, Hotpot, Wagyu Beef, Korean Bean Curd salad as a huge part of Korean cuisine. Seoul Garden has to make them part of their menu.

And I’m glad to have all these important dishes up to date in the menu.

While the ala-la-cartes are reasonably priced, the premium items such as the Wagyu Beef, Tuna Fillet Cubes, Crayfish, Veal Striploin etc are pricely at $6.99++ per serving.. Gulp! ++..

I will not recommend ordering Barbecue items, as there is nothing special about the items or sauce provided. It’s just like any other Chinese Bbq restaurant items that you can pay at lower price. The specialty of a Korean cuisine should be the sauce.

Ala-Carte Items like Hotpot and BiBim Bap are worthwhile dishes.

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I don't especially like it

This place is good, but not my favourite. Although there are a variety of meat and seafood that they provide for the buffet, they are, in my opinion, of low quality. There was once that the seafood was not fresh, such that there was a not-so-good smell. It's not exactly bad, but you would know it when you smell. The concept was good, because it lets you cook the food slowly, while you savour the drinks, which are limited, and chat with friends. The soup provided are limited, and of less quality than other buffet. I mean, herbal soup, but the taste of herbal is not very authentic. Obviously the soup has been diluted to the extent that the 'herbal' part is lost. The food range is not exquisite, only limited to a few dry dishes, meat, seafood, vegetable and desserts. I personally do not think that it is worth the amount of money for buffet, which sometimes can be as expensive as $20. Unless there is a promotion for students, I would not patronize it. I would rather go to other place to spend my $20 for better food.

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(Updated: April 11, 2012)

Fun dining

I really love this restaurant is that it's all DIY and its like a combination of food and fun ! The variation of the food is massive and most importantly is that the restaurant is Hala .

I really had fun going to soul garden with my friends as cooking for ourselves is really fun and the food is delicious .

However , I do chose my time to visit soul garden carefully as it can be really expensive on weekends or dinner periods . Usually I will go there with me friends around noon when they have the student buffet at a cheaper price ! Do remember to bring along your student pass or uniform to enjoy the privilege .

I also reccomand you guys to go for a top up for tom yum soup base for the hotpot as it tastes really good . All the meat are marinated and ready to be cooked ! I guess you guys definitely can tell if the meat is cooked or uncooked , if not , really have accompanies with experiences :) also keep turning the meat to minimize burning . Then , keep changing the BBQ pan as they do not provide oil .

The service at seoul garden is really good !
So do Grab the opportunity to go with your friends or families !!!

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Branch Location:
Tampines mall
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