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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 03, 2012    

1st in Singapore!!! Korean UFO Roaster Buffet New technology using infrared warm light rays to cook food. As nonpolluting light energy, infrared rays are the rays delivering the heat of all types of light energy including the solar heat. Advantages: Like boiled meat with crispy outside but moist inside, the meat does not dry, even left a long time. Even fish (sea food) is not turned over, and the inside of fish is cooked well with drying. You can eat even the shells of shrimps. Although vegetables are put a long time on the pan, they are cooked well without drying. No smell lingers on your hair, and no oil splashes on your expensive clothes! No oil needed, no smelly smell, no black smoke = Healthy Cooking! Weekday Adult: $19.90 Nett Child: $9.90 Nett (3yrs-10yrs old) Weekend & Holidays Adult: $22.90 Nett Child: $12.90 Nett (3yrs-10yrs old) FREE FLOW OF DAILY FRESH CRABS!!! FREE FLOW OF SINGAPORE SIGNATURE CHICKEN RICE!!! Free Ginseng Chicken Soup per table! Free flow of raw and cooked food! SINGAPORE SIGNATURE CHILLI CRABS FOR EVERYONE!!! Free flow of drinks @ $2!!! NO SERVICE CHARGE NO GST

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good food, bad place

I was in a binge mood so me & my friends decided to go for a buffet lunch. the eatery was pretty inaccessible and being a red light district, you get weird stares and people selling condoms on picnic mats along your way to the place. the eatery seemed dirty and unhygienic and we were very hesitant about it but seeing there was a good crowd of singaporeans we decided to give it a shot.

the staff was unattentive, everything is self-service and you need some wet wipes to sanitize your cutlery just in case. but nothing too surprising since it was a coffeeshop setting. there was once where i wanted to refill my drinks & there was a mass swarm of houseflies sticking to the exterior of the container. (yes that was close to my breaking point) passing the negative judgement, we were ready for the worst. to our surprise, the food tasted good. like really good. the meat was rich in flavours and the UFO roaster made it well-cooked evenly. the korean fish was the best, i hate fresh fish because of its fishy smell but this didnt had any. it was marinated in kimchi-like sauce that complemented the smooth texture of the fish fillets.

overall, the food was awesome but not for the hygiene-concious. it is quite overpriced considering the cheap rental but it might have something to do with the UFO roaster technology weighing down the costs

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roasted meat, kimchi fish
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definitely not going back

we were told to call to reserve seats, but when we arrived, there was not a single seat available for us. there were 3 more groups other than us who made reservations at 7 and we had to wait for more than 30 minutes just to get a table. When we wanted to know how long more it would take for us to get a table. the service staff simply pointed to the full restaurant and said
"well, people are not going. i dont know how long more they're gonna take. once they take you'll get your table." and turned back into the kitchen.
we finally got our table at 7.45pm, and a small plate of chili crab was on our table. my friends and i wanted to get a serving of crayfish but since we dont see it at the self serve area, we had to ask the service staff for it. It was then that we were told that we will only get the crayfish if we dont want the chili crab. That was fine, since we were already hungry having to push our dinner back by 45 mins, but they should have stated that and not just tell us only when we ask.
the food was just normal, but it was a bit annoying of the service staff to constantly come over our table to tell us that we should put more food on our roaster since it was empty. I mean, aren't we allowed to have the food at our own pace?!
I do not expect great service, but if they do make it a point for us to call and reserve, then they should make an effort to have the seats ready upon our arrival. a 10-15mins wait is fine, but 45 mins is really too much. and I was the first to get the table, I honestly have no idea how long the 3 other groups had to wait to get a table

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Not much of food.

Located at the favorite spot that every beach lover goes which is our favorite beach, East Coast Park, there is a unique barbecue buffet nearby. It's not just a typical boil and grill setting with a lot of smoky smokes coming out but it's totally a different technology. That's the reason why they called it UFO Roaster cause the equipment used is a shape of a UFO. It absorbs the smoke coming from where you are cooking.

I came here with a friend to try out. The buffet selection was not much compared to other barbecue buffets I have been to. The price was slightly higher, I bet due to the UFO itself. Oh they used electric instead of the normal gas you have seen in barbecue.

The place where you take all your raw food and such is very constraint. It can only accommodate around ten people.

The food selection wasn't that great. It has the normal stuffs such as chicken, beef, prawns, vegetables and such. I have been to better places that serves me real big crabs and its claws.

As for the service, it isn't up to standard too because you have to out all the dirty plates by yourself to the nearest empty pail available. I have been to others where the staffs will be on the ball and take those dirty and unused plates from our table.

Overall, it's quite okay cause what's interesting is the UFO Roaster. It doesn't make me feel sticky and oily.

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