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Ju Shin Jung (주신정) offers a wide variety of Korean cuisine and their signature Korean Charcoal BBQ meat buffet.

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Fragrant and Sweet Meat

Beautifully marinated meat was ordered to our table accompanied by a generous serving of vegetables on small plates. When grilled, the fresh meat was sweet, especially when eaten with the similarly grilled cabbage.

The meat was so tasty that it was finished in an instant, leaving behind the generous serving of vegetables on a plate. The variety of vegetables are part of the signature 'salad' that they offer together with the main meat - more for adventurous eaters but nonetheless still having a unique taste.

My table was served by a amiable gentleman who was attended to us throughout the entire meal, making sure that everything was okay, and even to the extent of helping us grill the meat in the best way possible. Nice, casual dining that is suitable for a comfortable eating. The furniture in the restaurant is quite classy in a simple way.

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Authentic Korean BBQ buffet experience

Having been to Korea for a vacation once, I was definitely pleasantly surprised to find out that my dining experience at Ju Shin Jung was just as good as the ones that I'd had in Korea, and needless to say, it was an extremely delicious dinner.

Ju Shin Jung has got Korea BBQ meat buffet down to a tee. The interior of the store resembles that of BBQ meat stores that I'd seen and visited in Korea, and the buffet even came with authentic Korean side dishes. Just like the outlets in Korea, the staff in Ju Shin Jung served up the plates of side dishes the moment we sat down, and offered refills for us.

The BBQ meat at Ju Shin Jung was absolutely delicious as well! The meat came on plates, and had to be manually cut into pieces, so customers can decide how big they want each slice of meat to be. The meat was also marinated with sweet sauce, and when grilled, a tasty smell was given off.

The grills are fitted to each table, so customers can have a hand at barbequing their own dinner. The staff was also very helpful, and even cracked jokes with us. An absolutely wonderful Korean BBQ meat buffet place that I will surely be returning to soon.

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great buffet for meat lovers

For all fans of Korean food, Ju Shin Jung is a great place for Korean food, but only if you are willing to spend a little, say $20 and up.

The first great aspect is the authentically Korean side-dishes that come free with your orders, which is a typically Korean practice in Korea’s restaurants. These can be re-filled as you want, which is great as the kimchi, beans, anchovies, tofu, and other kinds of springy fresh veggies balance things nicely as you gorge on your meat feast.

I have had their grilled meat buffet at around $30+ per pax, and the meats provided are tender and fresh. The cuts are strips of pork and pork belly, or samgyupsal, and grilled at your table. My favourite way to eat it is wrapped in the lettuce leaves provided, together with the garlic, sauces and even the side dishes, so that everything is a sweet, smoky mix of flavours. Seriously addictive, since it is a buffet flow of meats, and it’s so easy to sit there and make these delicious wraps for hours. Your stomachs will be further filled with the rice or noodle or stew main dishes that is included in the cost, so it’s great for hungry food lovers. I have had small set menus for around the same price, especially at Korean or Japanese places, so it is definitely worth considering a visit here for good food quality and savings.

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