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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 16, 2012    

Saint Andrew's Junior College was officially opened in 1978 and currently located at Potong Pasir.


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The uniform. Oh yes, and the tie. "Parading" in my uniform was probably something that entice me to the school. Superficial as it seems for a reason to become a Saint, i pretty much enjoyed the fact that i can be called a SAINT. Nevertheless, the uniform came with a baggage. An invisible one. The highly intense preparation for A level compelled me to give up many.

My time for books and surfing simply ceased. I hated the fact that I had to stick with a syllabus. I also hated the fact that I had to memorize things that are not relevant to my future work. However the friends and memories that I had was incredible. Sounds cliche ? Ya it does, but this is high school life. An experience that any 17-18 student should not miss.

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Stressful but vibrant school culture

The past 2 years in SAJC were incredibly fast paced and stressful. Even now, I can’t believe that I have already graduated from school. Every day was a battle with homework and tests. However, amidst the stress that came along with A levels, the vibrant culture in SAJC is still something worth mentioning.

I still recall orientation being the most carefree period in my 2 years in SAJC. We had mass dance in the school hall, dancing to the tune of ‘Shake it’. Initially, it was so awkward with people you didn’t even know, but thankfully, later the tension eased. The school also had multiple service learning projects and a plethora of activities for students. We had the Saints Festival and the 150th Anniversary in school. Also, it must be mentioned that the school student's lounge is so comfy! Admittedly, it is the school to be in if you want to experience the uniquely saints culture.

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JC was a fantastic period for me. The campus that I called my second home for 2 years is now the humble abode of another institution. I will never forget the times I had with my friends, teachers and fellow classmates. The occasions we crept into the hall late for our Economics lecture, throwing crushed paper at our sleeping friends and trying desperately to hold our breaths every unfortunate time one of the boys came into the air-conditioned lecture hall after 30 minutes of soccer in the hot, unforgiving sun. Those were my days at St Andrew's JC and I hope your days in school were as memorable as mine.

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