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David Tan
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Victoria Junior College was set up in 1984 and is currently located near Marine Parade.


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VJ Boleh...

Honestly speaking, VJC was not my first choice upon completing my GCE 'O' Level examinations and I wasn't delighted when I got posted there. In hindsight though, having to attend VJC was truly a blessing in disguise because the people I've meant and the friendships I've made are definitely going to last me a lifetime.

From the outside looking in, VJ isn't much. Everything is falling apart to a certain degree and compared to other established institutions, the campus is very small and old. However, once you become a Victorian you learn that none of this matters because it is the spirit of VJ and the people that truly make your experience in the school. From the moment orientation begins, freshmen are taught cheers and mass dances and by the end of it, Victorians, both new and old will chorus with one voice and dance with one step, creating a sense of camaraderie that is hard to come by anywhere else.

The VJ spirit was the highlight of my Victorian experience but at the end of the day it is an institute of learning and the goal is still to take the GCE 'A' Levels. That being said, the guidance you receive from teachers is incredible and as long as you are diligent in attending lectures and completing assigned work, you're good to go. Its not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it. Soon, you will find yourself looking back, as I am, not remembering the toil but fondly recalling the incredible times you had.

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How many Victorians does it take to change a lightbulb?

There are many things people regret in life, but my 4 years in VJC is something I will never regret.

The friends around you bring you up instead of pull you down. Victorians help each other, like my class which comes together every Monday morning to discuss literature, or my friends and I who create Google docs to share notes. Although everyone is aiming to get good grades eventually, it is heart-warming to see how the competition does not blind us,but bonds us instead.

I greatly dislike the 'conventional' expressions of school spirit - mass dancing and cheering etc, but the sense of community in the school overpowers the need to be hyper and loud to portray school spirit.

During my cross country nationals, some of the students came down to line the route, supporting us even though they were missing out on lessons. The overwhelming support makes you want to accomplish, for yourself and for your school. One of the proudest moments was when the hockey teams clinched double champions and Victorians ran onto the field at Jalan Besar, flooding it in a sea of red and yellow, bringing to life the words in our college anthem : "Victoria thy triumphs see and victories we share yet..."

Though I look forward to the next chapter in life, the years in VJC will be dearly missed.

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My experience as a Victorian

My 2 years of experience in VJC would definitely be a short but splendid one.

Just like my school motto ‘Outstanding, outperforming and out having fun’, I did have plenty of entertainment apart from the dull lessons and monotonous studies that kept me yawning away. What captivated me first was the amazing creation of the tree house. It was an “escape heaven” for all Victorians to experience a short getaway by simply chatting and indulging in card games. My friends and I also enjoyed relishing our taste buds at the Café situated at the concourse. Freshly baked waffles, luscious peach tarts, and the alluring aroma of the coffee never failed to cheer us up amidst the tough preparations for our “never-ending” examinations.

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Like A Victorian

I must admit that the size of the college and its facilities are definitely incomparable to the private Institutions. Yet, I believe what makes up for this apparent ‘lacking’ aspect is the people and spirit of VJ.

VJ has managed to provide an educational experience like no other without the costly amenities through the sheer quality of the ‘Victorian Spirit’. Rushing to competitions right after school in buses to support our schoolmates (whom we don’t know personally), shouting and cheering till our throats are sore – this is the kind of camaraderie Victorians share.

It is a place where I fit in, a place that feels like home. From the old stained buildings to the leaking air-cons, it doesn’t have the sterile environment that ‘modern’ facilities bring. At VJ, I enjoy my days at the stone tables and tree-houses. A simple environment yes, some say ‘backwards’, but we focus on the people more.

VJ isn’t a college for luxurious comforts, but it is one for treasured memories.

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