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Yishun Junior College is one of the junior colleges in Singapore, offering two-year pre-university programmes for students. Unlike other junior colleges in Singapore which offer fixed subject combinations, YJC offers students flexibility in subject combinations for the GCE Advanced Level. This stems from the school's belief that students should take ownership of their own education. 


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Not the best nonetheless fruitful 2 years of my life

My 2 years in JC was never rainbows and unicorns. It started off exciting- orientation, camps and games. When lessons and lectures start, goodbye to smiles and laughter.

The longest sleep I had was 7 hours. Piles of essays and homework to be completed. I became sickly. The weekly tests didn’t give me any chance to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. I was literally a walking dead. Passing a subject in JC was actually a big achievement to me. I will never forget the consultation sessions, remedials and even texting my tutors at 1am to consult them.

Perhaps JC was hell, but it was also a memorable and interesting rollercoaster ride for me. Yes the stress, blood, sweat, tears & sleepless nights. Nevertheless with the support from friends and dedicated teachers, I survived JC!

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A Mouthful Experience

I have studied in Yishun Junior College for about two years. For those 24 months, Wednseday had been probably the day of the week YJCians looked forward to. This is because Wednesday is fried food day (some call it unhealthy day but I like to define it as the “balance on our healthy food pyramid day”)

Our food stalls menu ranges from the usual western and Asian dishes. However, my most recommended will be the Chinese stall's fried fish soup. The deep fried fishes partnered with the enriched warm soup with your choice of noodle, is one of the best sellers. Its soup has the perfect blend of milk and spices. It is a great food to share with friends right after a mind exhausting test, lectures or physical activities.

It is so popular that I almost imagine the queue was like the Great Wall of China. Exaggeration aside, the crispy fried fish dipped in soy sauce blended with minced onions and chili is a total winner.

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(Updated: December 16, 2012)


There are some really competent, kind, and caring teachers whom I will remember for life and to whom I am indebted for various reasons. But a pity they are only less than a handful. Besides these people, little else is worth remembering about that school, and I have happily forgotten quite a bit of my unpleasant stint there.

Unfortunately, however, I still remember my civics tutor, a rotund and exceedingly, exasperatingly naggy teacher from the science department. He can really nag, and much better than my mom at it. We (the class) quite liked him at first but, as the days dragged on, he showed his true colours. He grew hot-tempered and irritable because we weren't doing well enough according to his expectations. He apparently had some record of his students doing well under him, and wanted to maintain that. But I thought that strange because he wasn't that fantastic a teacher, partly because he doesn't speak very well. Some things he explained in tutorials were better explained by other lecturers. I could go on and on about this guy and how he was the butt of everyone's jokes back then, but I shouldn't.

So that is one (main) reason why my YJC experience wasn't good. I can't think of other reasons because I have thankfully forgotten much about that wretched place. Oh yeah, lots of people love to talk about the uniform and how easily people stank up sweating in it in a hot day. Worst JC uniform indeed. And also, the school just love to suck up all our money. We had to pay for school T-shirts and magazines we didn't want.

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It was bittersweet.

Frankly speaking, Yishun Junior College is well recognized by the some sort of factory looking school. It’s in dire need for some major renovation. However, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. I personally love the ‘Art Gallery’ in YJC which explains why most of my breaks were spent there. Chilling out with my clique and at times admiring (or criticizing) the artwork displayed there. Furthermore, as a fan of caffeine, the array of choice of hot beverages at the 'Good News Cafe' (found in Art Gallery) is simply paradise. The Art Gallery brings out a certain warm and cozy ambience based on its interior design. Trust me, you can even catch a power nap (even if you resist).

Apart from that, my experience in YJC could not be any sweeter with me getting involved in Malay Dance. Despite the excruciating practices and pricking remarks from the instructor, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. At every practice, someone will just shoot a video and we will do the most foolish things in the dance room (when the instructor is not in the room, of course). And I don’t think any of us will forget the Philippine cafe manager who grins from ear to ear as we started dancing. Honestly, it still gives me the creeps.

There is still so much to tell from my 3 years experience in YJC! But for now, let’s stop here.. Perhaps you might want to create your own college memories?

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