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Temasek Junior College was established in 1977 as the second government junior college in Singapore. The college motto is "For College For Nation".


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My life in TJC

TJC was a unique experience for me due to two reasons.

Firstly, the curriculum was definitely crafted differently from the ones in secondary school. Lectures and tutorials now filled my timetable and although it took some time to adjust to, the adaptation will take place almost naturally. However, the subjects were much more demanding than expected and I only learnt my lesson after the first common test week.

Secondly, TJC was where i first participated in a sports CCA in my entire life. TJC's swimming team is part of the memories that i will never forget. We swam at the pool in ITE Simei, and started out with easy sets. As time went by, the training sets became more rigorous and the new swimmers, including me, found it much easier to fall asleep back home. There is also the land training session at the school gym where we would train our core muscles to increase our swimming potential.

Although the whole journey of JC boils down to the A level examinations, I believe that for all the students, it is an experience that they will never forget, be it for positive or negative reasons, or even both.

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Cream of the crop

The one thing I remembered from TJC was that my principal told us on our first assembly during orientation that we were the "cream of the crop". After that, in every few morning assemblies, he would remind us.

It was a very stressful experience for me because I came from a neighbourhood secondary school, not like my classmates coming from SAP schools or other elite schools. Only a handful from secondary school got into TJC, I guessed less than 5%. Whether it was by choice or by result I could not comment, I believed it was the latter. So I saw myself as the "cream of the crop" from my secondary school but when put together with all the elites from other schools, I knew my purpose there. I was there so that TJC can have an excuse to give supplementary examinations and tests. TJC wanting to keep its image of producing the cream of the crop was very particular with scholastic results. Those that failed tests or examinations would be required to take supplementary tests or examinations. One of my secondary school mate was even advised to skip "A" level in his second year and study for one more year to better prepare for "A" level.

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TJC - A student's life in a nutshell

Some say that the first day of every new experience is the most defining moment, and I recognise the merits of this claim as it has happened in many occasions of my life. One such moment would be my 2 years spent in TJC. Making a spectacular entrance by being 1 minute late for school on the very first day, the hectic rush would come to epitomise my JC life. Each day was spent delicately balancing a heavy plate of homework, co-curricular activities, physical trainings, community work as well as ensuring quality time spent with my friends and loved-ones, morning till night. Despite the rigour and challenge of everyday JC life, the brick-red and white facade which is the first impression you get of TJC has slowly, but surely, became my second home, a place where I belong.

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A remarkable education institution!

The campus size of Temasek Junior College (TJC) is huge, hence it is not uncommon to find yourself lost while navigating this labyrinth. However, fret not as the friendly staff and students would gladly provide directions. One should still proceed with caution as the accuracy of those directions remain dubious as many students still face difficulties in navigating the college. Admittedly, I have on several occasions led visitors on a wild goose chase.

The food options in TJC per se might be limited with few stores in the canteen coupled with a small cafe, however, the recently renovated and reopened famed Bedok South Food Centre just across the road is bound to fulfill your taste buds. Especially so if you are a fan of Char Kway Teow (like myself) as the hawker centre is home to Hill Street Char Kway Teow which serves one of the best Char Kway Teow dishes in town.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

The TJ lifestyle.

From the outside Temasek Junior College might look very old and rundown with the red brick walls and whatnot, but behind the 1970's appearance is a wonderful and unique culture. I love the school spirit here and everyone exudes a rather special warmth. When I walk down the corridor along my classroom block, everyone -teachers, students and staff- smiles at me.

TJC is all about going green so we have lots of trees all around campus which I personally feel add great value to the beauty of our campus. Plus, after a stressful math lecture one of the best ways to destress is to look out at nature. All in all, a lovely experience.

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