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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Innova Junior College was founded in 2005 and is located in Woodlands.


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JC gripe

My parents met on a ship, after which, my father went to Israel while my mother moved to India for further volunteer work. Needless to say, childhood was unorthodox in regards to the Singaporean context. My parents sheltered me from the brainless technological advancements on child entertainment and filled my life with kites, fishing, and idealistic hope for the future. When I was young, skills were learnt during play, adventure was as important as education, comfort was over-rated, and money was less important than love. Then I went to Junior College.

After amputating two years of my life, I learnt a little more about the ugly side of Singaporean life. I learnt that, to a certain degree, Singaporeans worshiped the idol of the degree, and sacrificed their children to it. I remember the short-lived pride of being nominated president of the musicians club, only to be disgusted by the narrow-minded and shallow topics raised during school parliament. It was almost as if we were being conditioned to believe that success in society meant closing yourself off from the world, fussing over your petty problems and wearing ugly brown blazers with clashing blue ties. But my mind was blown when I went to Pre-University Seminar. There, I got to breach my boredom limit, staying sane solely by watching others trying to appear smart by pretending to be interested in the lectures. There, I got to see elitism at its finest as favouritism was shown to specific 'cool' schools.

But then it hit me. If the people 'up there', don't care too much about the rest of us, maybe we should care about what they think of us a little less, and simply enjoy the beauty around us a little more. I want to be a musician, someone else might want to be a professional balloonist. We may earn less, but at least we'll find as much quality of life as a doctor or a lawyer would.

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