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David Tan
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Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) is opened in 1977 and is the junior college arm under the Anglo-Chinese School family.


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Ruined my daughter’s SAT examination and mentally impacted her

My sister went here to take her SAT examination. She was not only disrespected and bullied by invigilators, but her exam was ruined as she had taken under great mental stress and she is traumatized. Do not go here for SAT unless you want your child’s mental health impacted.

Would have rated a 0 on everything but cant rate below a 1 which they dont deserve!

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Rewarding experience in ACJC both as a student and as a teacher

2 years as a student in ACJC was too short for me. That was why I returned as a teacher. The number of alums in the staff room is a testament to the well-rounded experience we got as a student. I love how the school places a lot of emphasis on everything and not just on academics. For example, each time we got into a semi-final/ final in any sports, the whole school will be bussed down to the competition venue to cheer for our teams. The school spirit was intense and each ACSian cheered their hearts and lungs out for their friend.

I recall the year we lost in the Rugby final to our arch rival, the entire team of soccer players, water polo players, swimmers, rushed down to the field at the final whistle, hugged the ruggers and cried their eyes out. It was such a heartwarming sight that I will never forget. The good news is, we took home the title the following year.

I must have shocked everyone when I returned to ACJC as a PE teacher, but it was of no surprise to me. It was in ACJC that I cultivated a love for sports and team camaraderie. Having represented my school in Hockey and having witnessed so many sweet victories together with the strong school spirit, teaching PE in ACJC is a natural choice for me.

Although much has changed in terms of school culture (students are way more studious now and care less about school spirit), but ACJC will always have a special place in my heart. Many teachers who used to teach me are still in the school - another testament to how awesome the school is.

Motherhood has since taken me out of ACJC, but I would like to return someday to teach again. To God be the Glory, The Best is Yet to Be!

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A school that isn't just a school

ACJC was great. When I first stepped through its doors, a horde of screaming seniors greeted me, clapping and cheering. It was then that I thought 'Wow. Maybe this place wouldn't be as bad as I imagined.'
I am glad to be able to say now how wrong my imagination was.

As an education institute, ACJC passes well beyond the mark. I do believe they have some of the best teachers in singapore, as well as the best literature department. Most of the teachers are interesting and funny, and the course material I went through were all thorough and informative. Notes are comprehensive, and the timetable is scheduled so that there is never a long stretch of learning. Interspersed with breaks, it allowed me to rest and be ready for the next lesson.

I absolutely adore the computer lab. It is surprisingly well equipped, and the school has even upgraded since then. It also helped that I had the admin key ;). Plenty of awesome dota matches were played in there. Needless to say, I found the facilities ample and sufficient.

As for the canteen, it is mostly clean except for the occasional bird droppings(damn birds). It is roomy and equipped with plenty of fans. Although it is a far cry from the air conditioned goodness of ACS I's canteen, I cannot complain for the place was always cool enough. There is a decent variety of food served, including but not limited to chicken rice, western and chinese mixed rice. It allowed one to eat different every day of the week, helping to ensure that one would not be bored of the food choices. And even if one were, ACJC is within walking vicinity of Fusionopolis and Rochester park, and you can head down there for lunch. Many an afternoon I walked to Fusionopolis to get my fix of coffee from Starbucks, and I remember that time fondly.

However, what made ACJC great for me was not the facilities or food or place, but the people. A school is only a building made for facilitating teaching. It is the teachers and fellow students that make it awesome. Although I was skeptical at the beginning, I soon was infected with the ACJC spirit as well. I cannot tell you what it is, because I'm not sure myself, but it is accompanied with symptoms of pride and camaraderie, and is most visibly seen during sporting events, where ACJC students are bound to cheer at the top of their voices. Though I hate screaming, many times I caught myself inadvertently screaming along as well, and I did not stop. I made good friends in my time in there, with teachers and students alike. Although I only just left, I miss it..for the first time in my life, I actually miss school.

Yes. ACJC was great.

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The finest moments of my ACJC experience are always with my class. They’re an awesome bunch of odd people. For our sports day, my class went around chanting tribal-like rituals around random people. And during one of the tug-o-war competitions, my class let go of the rope in unison, causing the other class to fall head over heels in shock! (No one was hurt!) I wasn’t very experienced at playing floorball but my friends encouraged me to play and just have fun. I did, and I managed a few intercepts and scores, which pleasantly surprised me. Really, it’s the people that shape my ACJC experience. Without my class, I wouldn’t have abs from laughing too much with them.

Some people get extremely competitive, especially in an all-rounded powerhouse like ACJC. I once was in the top-tier for my secondary school theatre CCA, but people are so much more talented than me and I think mid-2012 I had a teenage life crisis because I felt useless. That said, it was because of ACJC that I picked up various sports, arts, academic, holistic, and working skills.

Mostly, my ACJC experience has been fun, and I definitely recommend you to go there!

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Once an ACSian, always an ACSian

As one transits from secondary school to their tertiary education, it is without doubt that one may feel apprehensive towards the new life ahead, or even excited at making a fresh new start. For me, I was enthusiastic- a fresh new start to life where I could expand my social circle and reach new boundaries.

Stepping into the gates of ACJC, we were first greeted by two rows of orientation group leaders, cheering and welcoming the freshmen. This gave a comfortable ambience to newcomers. I instantly felt at home, looking forward to my new classmates and potential friends. Although ACJC had previously, made the news for 'hazing', or bullying other students, I realised this was not the case as it was only limited to a few, and staff of the school, especially the cleaners, were on alert during any birthday celebrations. To the contrary, students were amicable and would even voluntarily help injured classmates. There was a spirit of camaraderie strongly felt in the school, and I instantly identified with the phrase, "once an ACSian, always an ACSian".

Moving on to the canteen food, there was definitely a greater choice as compared to my secondary school. Prices were reasonable, starting from $2 for a bowl of yong tau fu to $4 for economical rice(depending on how much you ordered). The canteen aunties and uncles were very sociable, and you could have conversations with them during the non-peak period in the canteen. Also, there are three places where one could sit for food consumption, all easily accessible. However, during the peak hours of break time, there would be snaking queues present, but thankfully, most breaks were more than 40 minutes long and thus you could wait for the general crowd to subside.

After graduation, I still look back with fond memories to my tertiary school. From the small details such as those falling asleep during chapel(and never getting caught) to my hectic art week before the A Level submission, it is without doubt, the one place where I have forged close friendships through various hardships in our span of two years. In fact, life in junior college will pass by like a blur, but ACJC enables one to have an equal balance of work and play, leaving affectionate memories for me.

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(Updated: January 11, 2013)

Cultural shock

I know sometimes we AC boys may come across as arrogant or elitists but let me share with you my side from being an AC boy through and through. I came from ACS (Primary) and then studied at ACS (Independent). Naturally I assumed ACJC would just be another name and another chapter in my academic life spent with more or less the same people from the aforementioned schools.

However on the first day, as i stood on the second floor of the auditorium, I witnessed a myriad of colours displayed across the hall by the multitude of different secondary school students in their uniforms that were now a part of the AC family and were to don the colours of a white top and navy blue pants. I first mentioned in the email that AC boys can be quite elitist and at that point of time, I was heavily guilty of that crime. However as I met my orientation group and became acquainted with people from all walks of life, I realised that my prejudice came from a place, made purely of my arrogance that I was any different or any better than people from other schools.

I was humbled at ACJC and though it took a while for me to be less narrow minded and more receptive of others, I was glad that I rid myself of that persona, because if I were to now, meet who I was 3 and a half years ago, I would have thought that I was, for the lack of a better phrase,a real prick.

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