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David Tan
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Anderson Junior College is set up in 1984 and located in Ang Mo Kio with more than 160 teaching staff.


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My AJC Experience

AJC, Anderson Junior College for short, was never a school that caught my fancy. This education institution was old, run-down and there are negative connotations that comes with it. Nevertheless, it was the school that I had to select and slog 2 years of my life away in. It was simply the most pragmatic choice. AJC supposedly refines students and was one of the better science schools around the vicinity. I mean, Hey, substance over superficiality right?

"Dear Lord, please oh please let the food be savoury or at least satisfactory." That was the only thing that I was praying fervently for after I was admitted to the school. Unfortunately, my prayer was not answered.

The canteen was infiltrated by birds and had their faeces splattered all around. The food... *silently weeps*, was either too bland or overwhelmed with salt. It would be a fallacy to state that all stalls served food unappetising to my palate. There were 2 stalls that was still decent. BUT, they were not hygienic enough. Once, I witnessed a little bugger crawling all around a plate of noodles and my senior was happily consuming her fried-rice till she spotted feelers. We didn't have to uncover it to know what pest it was. Cockroach.

Lets just say we pretty much made our own lunch-boxes after that.

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(Updated: January 13, 2013)

The Unexpectable Journey

I still remember my first reaction when I received the text message regarding the JC I was posted into. I couldn't sleep the previous night, anxiously and eagerly waiting to received the destined text message. Yet when I received it, despite being surrounded by excited friends who was posted to their desired school, I went back to my room, crying.

Honestly, I never thought of entering AJC, I never even heard of it. When I came to the school, I can say that all the bad reviews about AJC are true. The school is old, the teachers are strict and the students are bookworm.

But I tell you the truth, all these bad reviews are just half truth about AJC. Indeed, the school building is old, the paints are flaking away. But within this same building, 29 generations (I'm the 28th) of selfless individuals bearing the motto of 'Non Mihi Solum' (not for myself alone) embroiled on their left chest. I'm honored and proud to walk on the same corridor with my ancestors.

The teachers are strict, indeed, and also dedicated to teach us not as mere students but as individuals. Of course they want us to score As for A'Level, but in my 2 years in AJC, I realised that above all, the teachers want to see us to grow as self motivated individuals. They don't care which secondary you came from, which family you came from or which race. They are willing to teach you as long as you have the attitude to learn and willingness to be taught. If not, you only have yourself to be blamed.

And yes, we are a bunch of bookworm or usually called 'mugger', and we are proud. We are mugger because of this legacy of great individuals and dedicated teachers. We want to be like these seniors and we want to make our teachers proud.

Even though I cried when I was first posted to AJC, now I cried because I miss all my teachers and wonderful AJC-ians. I understand I sound very AJ biased, but I really love this school that edified us of our true worth as individuals. If I were to be given another chance to fill in my JAE postings, I would put AJC as my first choice.

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Bon Voyage on this trip!

My days at Anderson Junior College? I guess you could say it was partially terrible, but wonderful.

Mostly wonderful.

The school lives up to her motto—'Non Mihi Solum', 'Not For Myself Alone'. As much as I would swear that the teachers were out to overwork us with their never-ending pile of work, there would always be an outreached hand ready to support and catch us just as we're about to fall.

At first sight, AJC is a building looking as old as my grandmother (and that's saying quite a lot), but step in and Lo and behold: an awesomely done interior. It's the kind of warmth you get from a warm bowl of chicken (or vegetable if you're vegetarian) soup when you're sick, bringing you a tremendous form of cosiness despite its deadly load of work.

Heads up: If you don't 'mug', you're probably not going to fit in.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

The spirit of AJC

At first glance, AJC may seem like a decrepit building with weathered walls and flaking paint. However, as cliche as it sounds, judging anything by its cover is wrong. The culture of the school is rich and vibrant. AJC primarily centres around the key principle: Non mihi solum which translates to 'not for myself alone'. School announcements, cheers, anthems all work based on this principle. Most importantly, the AJC students reflect them with their actions.

Our partnership with AWA fosters the spirit of selfless dedication to the less fortunate. Students are given a tour around AWA during orientation, exposing themselves to the loneliness and sadness of Singapore's abandoned elderly. This is a motivation for students to put extra efforts in school events such as Chinese New Year celebrations where AWA's elderly are invited to be pampered for a day. What is truly amazing is that some of the more reclusive elderly have begun to open up to the students and are even willing to share their lives with them.

True, when people think of AJC, most of them would think that the appearance of the school is much to be desired. If they could only see the smiles and tears of laughter of the no longer forgotten, always cherished elderly of AWA today...

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The friends I never regret meeting in AJC

My two years in AJC proved to be filled with adventures. For a start, I was taken aback by all the new faces in an unfamiliar campus that did not seem too exciting as everyone seemed to spend their day burying their faces into lecture notes. In fact, it took me quite some time to adjust to the new environment-- new classmates, new teachers(now called lecturers), and new teaching style in lecture theatres instead of classrooms. I once feared and thought that I would never be able to adjust JC life, but thankfully, I was allocated into a class where I became close friends with nine other kindred spirits, all of us with very different personalities, yet we clicked well together.
The best part of my JC life is getting to know my friends, whom had helped me so much along the way as they never fail to encourage me when I am feeling dejected from stressful schoolwork. I enjoyed spending my break times with them studying and chit-chatting; A few of them being rather blur will occasionally do some embarrassing actions which can make me laugh for a long time. My friends have really light up my two years in AJC, teaching me how to cherish school life even though it may be demanding and overwhelming at times.

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(Updated: January 29, 2013)

Non Mihi Solum, not for myself alone

Non Mihi Solum, not for myself alone. Cliché, but that is just what we need in such a hectic, competitive society. 

Ever experienced being lost during a lecture? With the lecturer rattling on and on, not stopping even for a moment. Without knowing anyone beside you, what would you do?
Imagine, at that point of time, lost and discouraged. But just then, you felt a tap on your shoulder, followed by a warm encouraging smile and notes to refer to. 

Such simple gestures may seem insignificant, but think about it. Would you render such kindness to a total stranger on your own accord?

At first sight, you may think that Anderson Junior College is far too small, this run down place will definitely does not meet your expectations. Rather than simply judging the appearance, take a closer look on the inside and you might think otherwise. 

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Welcome to The Club

We called ourselves the BRA - Bloody Retainees Association, where delinquents like myself have to spend another year in Junior College apparently to reflect upon our actions and develop the interest for books again. Till date, I still don't see how one can develop interest in reading up about chemical bonding or how insulin functions for the human body while having to deal with billiard, mahjong, chalet, basketball and a boyfriend that was a little over possessive. I was just 1% of the entire cohort that couldn't fit in, I guess.

Once I stepped foot into the school I wanted out. The reason ridiculously simple ; I had to cross an overhead bridge and walk 500m to the nearby HDB flats just to get a smoke. I contemplated going next door to NYP, where they have McDonald's and even a swimming pool ( Very important, don't you think? ). But everyone assumed that I was smart. Was. What they don't understand is I got in purely by luck, because in the older system you can afford to fail physics and maths and still get an aggregate of 10. So I stayed on and graduated with a cert that goes D D D. I guess it stands for Death.

8 years on whenever I pass that place I still feel that extreme pang of nostalgia, an extreme urge to go back and finally open the door to chemistry, biology and maths. But then again, I don't think they will let me in. Moreover, I still think that mahjong taught me a little more about life, don't you?

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A proud alumnus of this school!

I have great memories from Anderson Junior College - Our Motto is "Non Mihi Solum" which stands for 'Not for myself alone'. It is located next to Yio Chu Kang MRT station and is a quick walk from Nanyang Polytechnic. AJC-ians are infamous for being "Muggerish" (Bookworms that study really hard) though sadly, I was not one of them.

Although the school compound is rather old, there are container blocks that provide an extension of the school. Classes are held there and are fully air-conditioned. Also, in recent years there is a new hostel that is built beside the school.

The school boasts a good science research programme and is also well-known for its sports especially Basketball and Volleyball.

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