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Jollibean provides fresh, healthy soya products - from Soyabean drink to Soya bean ice creeam. It was Incorporated in November 1993 and has developed from one specialty store to a chain of over 30 outlets. All Jollibean products are produced daily, fresh on demand. In keeping with the changing taste and lifestyle of customers, Jollibean is constantly introducing new elements into the menu, dining concept and marketing appeal.

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< $10
List of Outlets:
313 @ Somerset
Ang Mo Kio Hub
Bedok Point
Bugis Junction
Bukit Timah Plaza
Centrepoint - Cold Storage
Century Square
Changi Airport T3
Compass Point – Cold Storage
Eastpoint Mall
Funan DigitaLife Mall
Great World City - Cold Storage
Junction 8
Jurong Point
Khatib MRT - Shop N Save
Lot One
Marina Square
Northpoint Shopping Centre
Pioneer MRT
Raffles Place MRT
Rivervale Mall
Singapore General Hospital Blk 4
Suntec City Mall Tower 3
Tanjong Pagar MRT
The Verge
West Mall
White Sands
Woodlands Civic Centre


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Always A Jolly Experience

For the longest time as a kid, chilled Jollibean Soya Milk was my life. Whenever I entered a major shopping mall, I’d gravitate to the nearest Jollibean and be greeted by the friendly Jollibean auntie. Nowadays, I still enjoy this drink (albeit less sugar) for the health freak in me.

The creamy, thick goodness of Jollibean Soya Milk ($1.30) always leaves me gulping all of it down in a minute. Other specialties of the joint include the Matcha Soy Ice Blended ($2.80) and my all-time favourite snack, Cream Cheese Pancakes ($1.50)! When you bite into the latter, a warm stream of cream cheese bursts into your mouth as you quickly devour the the sweetened (and not overly-doughy) pancake. Simply amazing.

Personally, Jollibean will always be favourite Soya Bean joint especially with their unorthodox use of non-GMO Canadian Soybeans. Indeed, a Jollibean a day, keeps my sadness away.

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Not so jolly in Jollibean

Mentioning soy milk would almost always bring up the age-old debate of Mr. Bean v.s. Jollibean, and I’m proud to say that I... like neither.

There had been a Jollibean located at Woodlands Civics Centre, where I often studied. This meant frequent trips there during study breaks for a snack, and my friends usually got their peanut or red bean pancakes. However, I never get why. The peanut pancakes were always too dry, and the red bean paste too gritty. Both also lacked sufficient sweetness, and the thickness of the pancake did not complement the amount of filling usually given.

By personal preference, I don’t really like soy milk unless it’s really sweet, so Jollibean’s soy milk or chocolate soy milk didn’t cater to my tastes.

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Delicious pancakes!

This is the shop I would always search for whenever I enter a mall. I like to eat as I window-shop and Jollibean provides a delicious and healthy snack for that.

My favourite would be the peanut pancake. The peanut is not only crunchy but also thick and generously well-spread. The pancake is also not too chewy and do not interfere with the peanut, unlike the ones sold at Mr. Bean. I often find myself getting another slice of the pancake — not because one is not filling, but simply because it is affordable and tasty.

And if you find yourself being served a thin spread of peanut, you can always tell the person behind the counter to give you the slice of your choice.

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Peanut Pancake
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Jolly experience

Jollibean has always been the de facto shop to look for whenever you have a soya bean craving. From the humble beancurd to peanut pancakes, Jollibean does them well.

What I like about the Peanut Pancakes is that they do not hold back on the peanut spread, unlike some other places. The pancakes are also hot (most of the time), and make for a very delicious snack.

It's a shame that the beancurd has been overtaken by other 'gourmet' beancurd places such as Lao Ban, but it's still not bad. It reminds me of my childhood, when I used to buy it for tea breaks.

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Jolly day for a jolly bean!

Jollybean has always been my choice for a healthy snack. Sometimes, you know, you just get this feeling when you are like not so hungry, but you feel really greedy. You feel like you need a snack. But then you look at yourself and you think, “I cannot afford to have a burger as a snack! I’ll put on so much weight!”. At times like these, I turn to a place like Jollybean.

Their shops are located in many places, so I love how convenient it is for me to get a drink or a snack when I feel like it. I love how their pancakes come in so many different flavours! I always get the cheese one though. Although it is the “traditional” favour, the creamy cheese never fails to cheer me up. The peanut one is cool too when you feel like having something crunchy. The red bean is another all time favourite traditional taste. Sometimes I get a little sad that the filling is so little and the flour part gets dry when I’m all out of the filling. Their soya bean drink is good too. Sometimes it is a little too diluted but hey, its healthier that way right?

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Fast and healthy but cold

Had a red bean pancake and a cup of soya bean milk with pearls last week at the Jurong  Point branch when I was feeling slightly hungry, but not hungry enough for a full meal. The queue was slightly long when I reached there but it moved fast enough! Well.. I guess this can be considered fast food for most of the locals here. Queue, grab and go. It's convenient while being healthy! Serves as an alternative for the consumers who do not like fried food, soft drinks and oily generic fast-food meals. 

The red pancake I got was cold inside out. My guess is they make it in bulks and replenish only when it gets sold out? If you're lucky, you might get the piping hot ones! The soya bean milk was the total opposite. I asked for a cold cup and I got a cup of soya milk which was about room temperature. The pearls given were not too generous as well, when compared to their competitor Mr Bean. If red bean isn't up your alley, there are a huge variety of other flavours to choose from. They sell biscuits and beancurd as well.. If time wasn't a factor, I would still have preferred the soya bean milk and pancake from my local market store. Of course, prices are also much cheaper at the local markets :) 

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(Updated: April 26, 2012)

Snacking with a healthier choice

Jollibean is a snack that will fill up my stomach whenever I'm hungry. A chocolate lover like me will choose almost anything with chocolate. Whenever I pop in Jollibean, I will grab a chocolate pancake and eat it on the go. The hot chocolate fudge ooze out from the pancake and blend well with the pancake. It makes my day happier, probably is due to the chocolate. I have tried the soy bean drink and bean curd before, but I prefer stronger soy bean taste and these did not match my likings. Normally when there is promotion or offer or I'm really thirsty, then I will get the soy bean drink. I guess my taste buds really too picky on the taste of food and drinks.

Nowadays, maybe the service crews are trying to shorten the waiting time when there is a long queue, so they will prepare a lot of pancakes and soy bean drinks beforehand. This is a good point since many people are rushing for time during lunch break. However, sometimes overly prepared is not a good thing. The soy bean drinks that turn cold is not a big matter as some people prefer cooler drinks, while some people like me, can always ask for a new cup of warm soy bean drink. The pancakes stay on the heated pan for too long really spoils the texture but the service crews will say it is newly made. I guess customers can always taste the difference so no point lying or debate over it. This is the reason I rarely enjoy chocolate pancake as much as in the past.

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Chocolate Pancake
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reminds me of the traditional 'dou hui chwee' & 'mee chiam kueh'

The brand name has been long established for almost 20 years. Gradually, more and more similar kinds of ‘beans’ business started to operate.

Jollibean initially started to sell only soya milk and bean curds. Their soya products are comparable to those famous soya drink hawker stalls. The soya milks are pure, thick and fresh. Soya bean curd textures are silky smooth and tasty. Of course, the price is slightly higher than those hawker stalls, as Jollibean stationed their outlets in mostly air-conditioned shopping malls. I don’t mind paying extra pennies for it as I can enjoy the beverages either hot/cold while shopping within the air-con environment.

Thereafter, new ranges of soya products were added due to competitiveness. For instance, there are few options, Original/almond/grass jelly soya, soya bean curd/grass jelly bean curd…Besides desserts, there are soya snacks, pancakes of different kinds, including the traditional round shaped, triangular/rectangular shaped that stuff with kaya, red bean and peanut fillings. The newer generation types are the pancake roll and crispy thin pancake etc. I still prefer the traditional type and peanut flavour. At the same time, I also fond of the mini pancake roll, sold in a packet of about 6 pieces. And can choose assorted or same flavour. Btw, the mini roll got cheese flavour and that’s my favourite.

Overall rating, I would rate as ‘Excellent’! Their counter staff is friendly and service is great too.

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Soya Milk, Bean Curd, pancake, mini pancake roll
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Peanut pancakes anyone?!

If you are looking for a light and healthy snack, grabbing a grub from Jollibean seems like a good choice. Providing fresh soya-products such as soya-bean drink, pancakes and more, it has a rather selective variety you can choose from. It mostly takeaways, so if you are rushing for time, you can conviniently pack and eat on the go!

Speaking of the peanut pancakes, it is just very satisfying to the tastebud! It is not very sweet, and every bite feels your mouth with the taste of peanuts and it seemed like peanut butter! Best part is, it is healthy as its pancake is made from soya paste, and it is not so strong for those who do not prefer a strong soya taste in your mouth. (Reminding myself of it, gets me craving for it!)

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Peanut pancake
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Go nuts over the Peanut pancake at Jollibean!

As one of the top soya-based food chain, Jollibean really lives up to its name. I can’t help but be jolly when the soya-products are filling, fairly-priced and scrumptious! All-time favorites include the peanut pancake (both original and crispy) and its soya bean drink.

As mentioned, the peanut pancake ranks highly on my favorites list for the crunchy and sweet taste of the peanut fillings. The soya-based pancake itself is thick and highlights the sweetness which really whets your appetite. Moreover, for those on a low budget or wish to eat less, the peanut pancake is filling while merely costing a single dollar. The crispy alternative (priced at ninety cents) is just as good if you are looking for a munching-snack.

The soya bean drink on the other hand has a rich soya taste-and you can request if you want more or less syrup added. You could choose to have it warm or cold and I assure you that you will enjoy it all the same. However, I did try having the drink with the peanut pancake a few times and the sweetness of the peanut pancake will override the sweetness of the soya drink making the soya drink slightly bland. So what I normally do is to rinse my mouth with water first before having the soya bean drink. Troublesome as it is, the whole eating experience is overall satisfying.

Therefore, if you’re looking for any on-the-go food for that lunch hour, Jollibean nicely fits the bill.

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peanut pancake
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