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J Queen Ice Blended Fresh Fruit Juice

J Queen Ice Blended Fresh Fruit Juice Hot

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MSQ 13 Bugis Village 3 New Bugis Street Singapore 188867
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Listing created by rockinruth on February 11, 2013    

This Bugis Street fruit juice stall just by the Queen Street entrance is well-known for being both cheap and good. Chilled fruit juice is a favourite in Singapore's hot and humid climate, so this stall is always crowded. Note: Email, Website, Fb links are for Bugis Street.

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Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm
Avg Price:
< $10


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(Updated: February 11, 2013)

queenpin of the juice trade

I was introduced to this place the first time I met a friend at Bugis. The first drink I tried here was a honeydew milkshake for $1, and it was amazing. Since then, I've tried a different drink every time, and none have disappointed me.

What I love about J Queen is that they don't filter out those little fruit chunks and pulpy bits and skin. Preserving all that natural goodness makes the juices so much better! They also have a pretty extensive variety of fruit juices to choose from. Personally, I really like the Australian Grape. Plus, since the juices are all on display, there's practically no waiting time. They usually wait for you to get your money out, instead. Though there are always lots of people around - including those jostling to get past, since the stall is at the entrance -, it's definitely worth braving the crowd for.

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