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#B1-K5 Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021
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Soyato is a frozen dessert that is made of soymilk. It comes in more than ten different flavours.


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Delectable and delightful!

Having been constantly fed soya bean desserts from the cookhouse, I thought I would have gotten tired of all things made of soya bean. In fact, I was starting to get tired of my all time favourite dessert - Lao Ban Soya Beancurd. Hence, I thought nothing of Soyato the first time a friend brought me to try it out.

Truthfully, it was my first time having a soya bean product with peanut butter. The peanut butter chocolate was basically a ball of Soyato's premium soya bean ice cream topped with the aforesaid flavouring and toppings. Amazingly, it tasted good, just like the experience where I thought peanut butter and belgium chocolate will not go well together when I went to Haaegen Dazs but amazingly, it did. There are 8 more varieties to try out with, more than the range of flavours I'd initially thought will go well with soya bean.

The ice-cream itself was not too rich and tasted protein rich, hence I would advocate it being a healthier alternative to the conventional ice-cream. Moreover, I was impressed by the source of the ice-cream, where much pains have been taken just to make a dessert natural, chemical free and the healthier choice.

In my personal opinion, a dessert (first time, made of soya bean) that is better than Lao Ban. 5 stars!

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healthier, yummier, better than ice cream

Soyato was founded by one of my teacher's students, and it was he who first told us to give it a try. Being a fellow peer from the same school as the founder, Soyato also used to sell their products in my school at a slightlt cheaper price than outside.

It was in school which I tried my first flavour - Royal Tea. Imagine milk tea in ice cream form with a hint of soya milk flavour. Creamy, sweet, pleasant, and so much yummier and healthier than ice cream! After that, I was hooked.

Other flavours I would suggest include the peanut butter, which comes with chocolate chips, and of course, for all those matcha lovers, the green tea flavour. Don't fret if you do not enjoy peanut butter or tea; Soyato has 9 different flavours, and I guarantee at least 1 will make you come back for more.

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Must try!

When I saw this place and the many different types of ice cream they sold, I was immediately enticed to get it. Soya ice cream? Sounds healthy and good to me. I decided to get a scoop of green tea ice cream to try it out, while my friend opted for a safe Vanilla flavour. The vanilla was pretty delicious, nothing like what I had expected. It had a subtle soya taste, which made it rather unique. Mine was slightly icy, but I'm a big fan of green tea. So anything green tea is nice in my opinion.

Prices are also rather reasonable, and you may wish to request to try the flavour first before ordering it. This is definitely a must try for all health conscious people, interested in indulging in a treat!

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You have to try this. You have to.

Vegan icecream. Yes, vegan icecream. Soyao is made from soymilk. I know there's alot of hoo hah goin' around about how vegan things don't taste as regular things. But trust me, this tastes good. You won't be missing out on your dairy now.

I've tried so many flavours as soyato but I think hazlenut praline is my favourite. There is a really distinct hazlenut flavour that just can't be missed. Even though the texture isn't as cream as icecream, this stuff is so good you want to get two scoops, seriously.

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Healthy icecream!

I have a love hate relationship with bugis because there is so much food at the basement and every time I walk past I literally have to tell myself to look away, keep walking and not buy the food.

It was the first time I saw a shop named Soyato though, when I was walking past the basement, so I decided to give it a try. The salesman jolly-ly told me that the icecream had little calories and wasn't really icecream.. Can't really remember what he said but he was friendly and all that so it made me want to buy soyato all the more.

I took black sesame flavour. Really cheap and good! The texture isn't as creamy as icecream but considering that it's a healthier and less fattening version.. Anything for that man.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Healthy and yummy!

I've heard about Soyato for a really long time and finally decided to try it. At first, I did not understand what's the fuss about. I'm more of a MR BEAN and JOLLIBEAN girl. Recently, there's been dozens of stalls selling soya milk. Anyway, after trying it, I became a fan.

Additionally, it's really affordable. I spent about S$2. A great deal, I'd say! For those people who are health conscious and lactose intolerant, not to worry, Soyato does not use eggs, milk or cream. That said, the soy ice cream is not really an ice cream at all. Some flavours have only 90 calories.

MUST TRY? Try the best-seller, Honey Lemon! I felt as if I'm drinking a honey lemon drink. It has the right amount of sweetness and sourness. The black sesame and peanut butter are very yummy! Both are creamy and have a distinct flavor to them.

My only issue is that it melted slightly faster than regular ice cream. But I guess it can't be helped. Soyato does not use emulsifier, which explains the melting.

Ideal place for Vegetarians as well!

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