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RISIS continues to forge ahead in this millennium as Asia's premium lifestyle gift company by continuously introducing unique jewellery and ornaments finished in 24K gold, prized rhodium and a variety of precious metals. Accentuated with semi-precious stones, crystals and fine enamel for a distinctive finish, our creations draw deeply from Asian heritage and its rich tradition of sign, symbol and story. RISIS gifts are imbued with cultural significance and embody the spirit of simplicity and intrinsic beauty.It has been the prime directive of RISIS to pursue innovation, creativity and top quality at the best possible price with outstanding results for giver and receiver alike.

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Large selections of items

There was once I wanted to buy something presentable to my boss as a farewell gift. I thought of this shop and knew there would be a lot of presentable items on sale there. I went to the shop and true enough, there were a large selections of items.

I looked mainly at the ornamental items rather than the jewelry, my boss was a guy so I knew he would not want to be receiving some jewelry or fancy accessories. The ornaments were nice but expensive. Those truly presentable ones would be in the range of hundreds and those smaller items would be around a hundred dollars. I was very tempted to buy the pen holder because that was within my budget but when considering the practicality of the gift, I decided against buying it. A pen holder costing a hundred dollars should be holding a pen of equivalent if not higher value and I knew my boss to be a thrifty person so most likely he would not be buying such a pen himself and I could not afford to also give him a pen together with the pen holder.

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Great place for souvenirs and welcome gifts to foreigners

I had accompanied my mum to Risis to get gifts for her business associates from South Korea. She had a budget to work around and the staff were very helpful in accommodating her requests to finding the right gift. Risis is known for their beautiful high-quality products with the beautiful national flower - the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid. We were able to buy several items suitable for both ladies and the men. My mother bought a pair of beautiful orchid earrings and a name card/pen holder - all within her budget.

Later, I heard that her business associates from Korea loved the gifts and wanted to buy some items back for their family and friends too!

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Timeless Asian-inspired pieces

I once bought a set of ear studs from Risis. It was a set of three pairs, silver plated (or was it?) on offer for $99 and they were the sort of lovely small little dainty things girls love to collect. Risis is well-known for its gold-plated orchids and Asian-inspired jewellery. It is a good place to shop for sophisticated gifts and the brand has an old world charm to it.

They have a few collections throughout the year and the themes are always lovely such as flaura and fauna or garden-themed jewellery. The designs are very classic, nothing loud and tacky here. The price, I think, is usually justified given the intricate details and excellent craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

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Risis - House of gold plated orchids

I was at Suntec City some months back and passing by a Risis boutique, decided to browse around . I was pleasantly surprised to see the wide range of items that they carry now.

Their collection ranged from jewellery, figurines to desktop accessories. The jewellery ranges were really wide, they had brooches, chains, rings, and my favourite were the charms... they even had charms crafted after local fruits, Asian depictions, e.g a Filipino jeepney, all which will make great souvenirs.

Our orchids featured prominently in most of the creations, orchid brooches, orchids mounted on rings, mesh bracelets.

The desktop accessories were really cute, like the Risis eggs that had words like "Fu",and even words in Jawi engraved on them. Needless to say,even here ,our orchids were depicted on most of the items, like a miniature orchid in a pot, orchid pen holder, etc.

I was told that engraving can be done on most of the items, and the very helpful sales lady told me that a lot of companies buy their items as corporate gifts for their overseas visitors, because of the local touches that the gifts depict. On line shopping is available at Risis.

As with all items of quality, prices do not come cheap, but the joy of owning a piece of lovingly crafted plate or egg, certainly makes it worthwhile.

Risis is indeed great for showing a bit of Singapore to overseas visitors, and for locals, a joy to behold our native products immortalized in plated gold

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