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Since its beginning in 1982, the Danish brand PANDORA has specalised in feminine and timeless jewellery.

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Elegant jewellery perfect for gifts or as a treat for yourself

I’m pretty certain that even the most sport loving tomboy would still be delighted with receiving jewellery from Pandora. It just seems to have that timeless elegant feel, and the jewellery is just beautifully designed. Not only does it make a special gift to receive, but also to give. If you know a friend has a bracelet, a charm always goes down well, and the rings and earrings make the perfect elegant gift.

Although I would love to receive any of their pieces, I do find the charm bracelets to be a little uncomfortable, the charms catch on the hairs on my arms and when trying on friends I found them to be a little heavy. This a shame as I really like how they look and the idea of gathering charms based on what you have done and who you have met. The rings are my favourite, giving them as gifts always kills me a little inside and each time I have to reevaluate the strength of my self control.

The shops are always laid out really nicely, although it can sometimes take a while to catch store attendants attention. I always feel rather fancy walking out of a Pandora shop with one of their beautiful bags, and the extra touch of receiving the goods in pretty packaging really does add to the pleasure of shopping there.

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Mainstream, chunky

I know I'm gonna get bashed by many for saying this but I hate Pandora. There are many reasons why you should NOT get a Pandora bracelet. Okay I know you're suckered in by the idea of representing your memories using the charms and all that Pandora has marketed itself and I have to admit that it's a great idea!

Pandora does offer a wide range of charms, classic and seasonal. The charms might be different but from far, they really look the same - just silver knobs of stuff and I honestly don't quite like it cos it looks chunky and big. It can also become quite addictive once you start because you wouldn't want to wear a bare bracelet around and you start to collect the charms.. The bracelet itself costs $124 and the subsequent charms are around $55 if you buy the cheapest, most basic silver ones. The dangling ones/ gold ones are so much more expensive! My friend who spent around $1k just to fill her bracelet told me she regretted it lol. And do you want to spend a few hundred to $1k wearing something that many other girls are wearing? I know many many girls who love Pandora and if you are one of them, please don't be offended cos this is just my personal opinion! :)

If you're looking for a charm bracelet, I would recommend Thomas Sabo instead. Same concept as Pandora but the bracelets are more exquisite looking and delicate. The charms ae also more "obvious" because they are hook-on charms instead of the slot through ones like Pandora. I won't recommend you to jump onto the Pandora bandwagon.. take your money somewhere else.

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Novel, Elegant Charms

Scrolling through my instagram, I see many of my friends raving about their new Pandora Charm Bracelets. In fact, it seems to be quite the trend now. While the charm bracelets are fashioned in such a way that they are novel in the aspect that they are collectables, the most capitvating point about this trend seems to be the interesting idea of collectinng limited edition charms. It seems that different countries do actually stock different charm designs in order to keep the level of interest and lust for a specific charm to add to one's collection.

Despite the slightly high price which is still affordable for students who have spare cash, these charms and bracelets make a good present between lovers or from friends to someone celebrating their 21st.

The interior of the shop is classy and bright - the shop is designed in such a way that it has a large open space with a showcase over the counter so that the customers can look at the charms at eye level. The staff are also always on hand to help and assist at the counter.

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Charm Bracelet Frenzy

I have personally not bought any jewellery from them but have always fancied their Pandora charm bracelet which has grown its popularity. Having been a brand ambassador for a different fashion jewellery store, I was told that their charms have a high chance of being tarnished. Not wanting to name names, I don't think that should stop anyone from getting the charm bracelet they wish for. But do clean them every now and then after use.

Undeterred, I, myself, will be purchasing the charm bracelet in a near future. In addition, I find that the charms sold can be a great gift for someone on their birthday and even on Christmas.

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