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Poh Heng Jewellery was founded in the year of 1948. 'Poh' in mandrain meaning 'precious', and 'Heng' in Teochew dialect meaning 'luck'. Through 64 years of development, Poh Heng has now explores the versatility and dynamism of 22K gold.

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Quality Guaranteed

Over the years, Poh Heng has established a strong brand awareness for its' high quality jewelry, and indeed it lives up to its' name. Poh Heng offers a wide selection of jewelry, from diamond necklaces to gold earrings, from simple to elaborate fanciful designs. There is something for everyone!

Poh Heng has won the older generation over, and it has won me over as well. I enjoy shopping at Poh Heng as the staff are always so friendly and sincere in their service. Even if you decide not to purchase from them, they still maintain their smiles. They do have jewelry for the younger generation, and my favourite pair of diamond earrings are from Poh Heng.

Even though jewelry from Poh Heng may be a bit expensive, it is worth every cent!

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Well-known name in the local gold jewellery industry

Poh Heng Jewellery is not exactly the goldsmith I would go to if I were to buy gold for myself but my grandmother happens to like the gold design from Poh Heng a lot so there were numerous occasions where I've stepped in.

Perhaps that's precisely the reason why I didn't like Poh Heng jewellery for their design caters more to the aged group, maintaining a group of loyal clientele over the years in this industry. I would have to point out that you probably might have better luck finding a present at other goldsmiths if the recipient is young but alas, that's my perception.

Nonetheless, I love the service standards at Poh Heng. The staffs often give off a friendly aura, one that makes you feel that they are treating you like old friends rather than customers. Even if you're looking for just a piece of jewellery but shopping in a group of 5-6, they are never hesitant in offering everyone a mineral water (used to be packet drinks in the past but not sure if they still have that now).

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A false impression

I was under the impression that Poh Heng was a place for old people - I just couldn't get the image of seniors buying sub-quality silver at some decrepit shop out of my head. Fortunately, this could not be further away from the truth.

True, the clientele here tends to be middle-aged or in their elderly years, but it is by no means a shabby store. My dad passed me $250 some time last year to help him get a birthday present for my mum (what a lazy man), and told me to head to Poh Heng. My old lady has eyed a gold necklace for a long time, and apparently, only they stock it. It was then I first stepped into a Poh Heng outlet, and my prior opinion of the business dissipated.

I will probably not be interested in anything here, but to each their own. A legitimate place with quality jewellery, no doubt.

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Gold Jeweler.

When I got my ears pierced not too long ago, I went everywhere to look for a pair of gold earrings. After hearing about the infections you can get when you pierce your eyes I have to admit I was a little paranoid that I'd suffer one too.

I walked through SK, Tara, Lee Hwa looking for pure gold earrings and couldn't find any. So I was happy when I walked into Poh Heng and saw that there were at least a couple hundred different designs to choose from. Some fairly old fashioned, but some also suitable for teenagers. I picked a pair or dangly, star shaped earrings. They're really cute and have become the pair that I wear the most often. I've gotten a couple more pairs from Poh Heng, but there's always something a little special about the very first pair isn't there.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Excellent customer service

I've been searching for white-gold crucifix all around Singapore for such a long time and most jewellery shops doesn't carry them. Eventually found a few shops selling it, including Poh Heng. After much comparison, i realise that Poh heng's crucifix pendant are much more detailed and beautifully crafted. Furthermore, they provided a much better service.

Once you step in to the shop, the sales person who is not attending to any one yet will greet you and offer you a bottle of their own mineral water. I told her what i was looking for and the sales person patiently listen to me. She then showed me all the white-gold crucifix she can find in the store and starts to fill me in with the details of the pendants. I didn't purchase it on my first visit, subsequently when i visit the store the service they provided has been very constant even.

After my purchase, the sales person spent a few minutes teaching me how to take good care of the pendant. Despite me not getting their chains for my pendant ($400 for one!), she was still nice enough to advise me what kind of chain should i get to match it.

Great value with excellent service, thumbs up!

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