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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 04, 2012    

Embracing an international cuisine concept, Sakura serves up to 100 different varieties of Japanese, Western and Oriental foodfare everyday. To briefly entice you, appetizers include scallops, lobster salad, mussels, cold prawns and sashimi. The main entrees encompass an assortment of dim sum, Teppanyaki (includes lamb chop, salmon and beef etc), tempura and grilled items. A wide selection of mouth watering sushi will also be prepared on the spot by the chefs of all consummate sushi fans. Last but not least, desserts such as cheesescakes, fruits, ice cream and beverages complete the buffet with a satisfying touch.

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1130am - 3pm, 530pm - 10pm
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List of Outlets:
Admiralty Park
31 Riverside Road

Cairnhill Place
15 Cairnhill Road #02-01

Dhoby Ghaut Green
10 Penang Road #01-01

Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close #02-02

Omni Theatre
21 Jurong Town Hall Road

SAFRA Jurong Club
333 Boon Lay Way #2B-01

SAFRA Tampines
1A Tampines St 92 #01-00

Shaw Plaza - Twin Heights
360 Balestier Road #04-01

Yio Chu Kang Stadium
210 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 #01-208


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(Updated: April 22, 2012)

Not recommended.

Buffet lovers, Sakura is not the buffet for you. It may be one of the cheaper buffets out there but the food is really not appetizing at all. I went to the outlet at Dhoby Ghaut and even though that outlet is quite huge, the variety of food is quite limited and lesser than what I expected. The food did not look fresh and after walking around the food area twice, you will realize that there is nothing else that you can try or eat anymore.

The stir fried beansprouts and beef were not too bad, and am I glad there is the stir fried counter as it seemed to serve better food than what was displayed. The sushis and the dishes such as vegetables and chicken dishes looked like they have been left there for quite some time and they did not seem to be piping hot. What's worse is that even though the restaurant is quite big and have lots of seats for the customers, the buffet area is quite small and squeezy. If there are people behind you taking food as well, only two people can pass through at most. Queueing is needed to take the food displayed and that is quite troublesome.

All in all, paying the price of $20+ for a buffet that does not serve appetizing and fresh-looking food does not seem worth it to me. Hawker centres may serve nicer and fresher food than this and leave you satisfied. Improvements need to be made, if not, they may lose more customers in the long run.

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Not really worth it for a buffet restaurant

My first impression on Sakura when I was brought to Safra Jurong that it serves a wide variety of Japanese dishes. However, to my dissapointment, it doesnt offer many varities. It's more of a combination of Asian Cuisine and Japanese dishes. To start it off, the settings of the restaurant look more like a food court. As I was strolling along to pick my food, most of the dishes doesn't look appetising as it doesn't look presentable and doesn't have much choices. Hygiene is the number one concern for me and it can be seen that they didn't put much effort on it.

As I'm trying to pick some Alaskan crab claw, the claw looks too small to be eaten and they doesn't replenish it fast enough. Besides that, sashimi was sliced too thick and they have limited range of sushi. Some dishes that are supposedly to serve while it's hot, eg. pizza was served cold. However, some dishes are worth the try such as the mushroom soup, the prawns which is quite fresh and baked oyster.

Overall, I wouldn't choose to have buffet here as there are other restuarants who serves better varieties in buffet with a few dollars more compared to Sakura.

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Wide variety but below average quality

The first time I tried Sakura International Buffet was when I had a mad craving for an international buffet but couldn't think of an affordable one to go to. Sakura came to my mind, and because I hadn't been there before, I thought that there was no harm giving this place a try since it seemed pretty popular amongst netizens and friends.

I have to say I was disappointed at the quality of the food. Although this place had a wide variety, there wasn't any particular dish that really awed me. The only dish that seemed pretty average to me was the Salmon Mentaiko Sushi, but that was about it.

To top it off, the staff were rude, impatient and very unprofessional. As much of a glutton I am for cheap food, I can't think of a reason why I would revisit Sakura. The first and only time I went there gave me a very unpleasant experience, and although I'd like to think that it was just a one-time off event, I guess it's the first impression that counts. And the first impression given to me was already an awful one.

This place is worth a visit for those who value variety over quality.

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Good but not what you expect of a price tag like this

I went with my friends to the Dhoby Ghaut Green branch a few times and I think it is one of the buffets that I will go and also recommend to my friends but it is not really worth it to go that often. The food variety for me is acceptable but at times I find myself asking for more, still the variety there is good for me as I am not that picky (Oops). A few of the variety did change with each visit but not a major change, for people who likes buffet, it may not satisfy you. Personally, I am a big fan of tempura and I was so delighted that they have it, so that's a plus for me.

The service was great and plates were cleared promptly, we were able to move on to our next plate very fast. The location and environment are excellent, close to Dhoby Ghaut MRT with a short walk and dining inside is good as well.

Recommended for friends, family and couples. However, if you are quite picky on buffet choices, this might disappoint you a little. The price on the other hand is quite pricey to me with such variety only but I go once in a while so I can slightly overlook this (I did miss their 19.90 promotion they had till 31 July 2014, too bad).

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Dhoby Ghaut Green
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Not going back there again.

I thought I'd give this place a go because my friend and I were really hungry one night and it was the nearest (and affordable) buffet place to us. We were deciding between the Sakae Sushi at Park Mall and Sakura at Dhoby Ghaut Green and we chose the latter. Bad move.

We went at 7ish pm on a Saturday and the food was in quite a mess. The sight of the seafood area was rather sad, to say the least. The only saving grace was the replenishing of the sashimi. The cooked stuff was decent though. But I mean, I was paying for a buffet. I should feel that I got some value out of it, right? But no. And there were barely any clean cups for drinks (ICKS), the ice cream section had a great selection but it was not kept properly so it didn't taste that great. Quite a waste of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, really.

This is irrelevant but I couldn't help but notice how sad the staff looked also. The experience was awful enough for me to swear off the place. For that price I could have gotten a really decent and filling meal at any mid-range restaurant.

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don't patronise

I have got to give Sakura credit for serving a wide variety of cuisine, but honestly, I would rather prefer fresh and good quality food rather than varied but mediocre types of cuisines. Most of the time, their food has also been left on the trays for a long period of time. Hence they are cold and unpalatable to the stomach.

In addition, although I said that they have a wide variety of cuisine, within the categories themselves the spread isn't that big. For example, they do serve the basics like sushi and chawanmushi for Japanese food, but that's pretty much most of it.

I can't say that the food is horrible but I wouldn't recommend this place.

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It's possible to get overstuffed

I've attended many birthday parties here, and even celebrated my brother's birthday was held here. The food is nothing to shout about, but the ambience is quite nice, with yellowish lighting and light music. There are light fixtures hanging above every table which add a classy touch to things.

I don't recommend their sashimi, as having visited Japan before, I have definitely eaten better sashimi. After eating here several times, my family and I joked that we ought to starve ourselves before eating here so we could eat everything they have to offer. There isn't much beyond usual Japanese food here, so if you're not a fan of Japanese food, you ought not to go here. The only good thing about it is that it costs less than $30 for a filling (perhaps not very tasty, but decent) meal.

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Not highly recommended

Although Sakura international buffet claims to have "international" dishes, their dishes they offer are mostly Japanese dishes with a just a few Chinese and western choices. Their sashimi is sliced too thick and its not fresh.

Some of their food doesn't suit my liking, either it tastes too plain or the dishes served are cold hence the variety is too little for me. Their service is not bad in clearing up the plates which had the effect of making me get more to put on the table.

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(Updated: February 11, 2013)

Better Buffets Elsewhere For The Same Price

Operating under the Suki Group, Sakura International Buffet Restaurant offers a selection of Japanese, western and asian food.

Ambience at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant is somewhat average. While the tables are big and broad, which allows you space for many dishes, the lights are quite dim, and walking area is somewhat cramped. I also disliked that clearing areas are located very close to the tables. Furthermore, poor choice of floor tiling leads to the floor being slippery when wet.

Service at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant is good. Staff will clear empty plates quite efficiently. They also correctly serve orders of teppanyaki to the right tables.

Food at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant is hit and miss. You generally can't go wrong with their selection of fried food, among which the fried chicken wings are the most popular and tasty. Their Teppenyaki is a safe bet as well, as it's made to order, although you'll probably have to wait about 8 minutes or so for it to be served. Popular items include the lamb chop, beef steak, vegetables and satay.

The cooked food on offer at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant is mediocre at best, and generally not worth your time or stomach space. Sakura International Buffet Restaurant also has quite a wide selection of seafood, sashimi and sushi, although depending on which day you dine here, freshness might sometimes be an issue. A tip; take a small portion / 1 piece first, to test for freshness, and if safe, go back for more.

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Given their standards, I'd say its overpriced.

The Japanese selection first. The sashimi may be unlimited, but it is NOT fresh, not at all. I'd be expecting decent sashimi with the price I'm paying. Not fantastic-- decent is all I'm asking for. But the sashimi was kind of a little... rubbery? Whatever it was, it was gross. The colour of the salmon sashimi was a very dull orange. Being the sashimi lover I am, I was evidently disappointed. I ceased reaching for the sashimi after the fourth or fifth slice.

I'd say the fried food selection was the worst though. There was nothing crisp about them, and they were cold. Soggy, cold, non-crisp fried food. Instant turn off.

The only redemption for the fried food selection is the durian ball. The durain filling was warm and creamy. The outer skin wasnt crispy though (no surprise there).

If you're looking for a satisfying meal worth the price, Sakura's the place you should avoid.

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(Updated: May 15, 2012)

worst buffet

This is really bad, and gross. These two words are probably an understatement! For the price, it is on par with other buffet restaurants but the quality difference is world's apart. Why, Sakura, why? I went there once and hated the food so bad I couldn't justify the money I paid for it.

Firstly, the sushi and sashimi selection is only average. That, I can accept. But the ingredients are not fresh at all. The sushi and sashimi bar is probably the best out of everything. The rest are just cheap food that we can buy from hawker centres (even cheaper and nicer, please). Plain rice, noodles, tough meat in black sauce etc. Nothing appetizing there. I tried the dim-sum but it was so poor in quality. Tasted like frozen dim-sums from the supermarket but stored for way too long even the frozen aspect of it didn't help. Yucks. The fried food section has golden-brown fried food. Looks perfect, smells perfect. I took some and when I bit into it, it dawned upon me that it might be frozen food again. The tempura prawn was the cheap type of breaded small prawn. That is not tempura. That is small breaded prawn. Being breaded doesn't upgrade it to tempura, dear Sakura. The rest of the fried food are simply frozen food. If I wanted to eat frozen food, why go to a buffet? I have a deep-fryer at home to satisfy the frozen food needs. I don't pay so much for frozen food!

The desserts section was average. With normal chocolate cake and whatnot. Nothing nice nor phenomenal. Ok at that point I wasn't expecting much but just thought of taking for the sake of taking. After all, it is a buffet! I gave up on the cakes because it tasted like mass-produced factory cakes. However, the durian puffs were surprisingly great. I stuffed myself silly with that. That was probably the only thing I enjoyed.

Stay away from this place if possible. Do yourself a favour! For that price, I'd rather you go for Seoul Garden instead. At least Seoul Garden has delicious marinated meat. Here? Only the durian puffs. Meat or durian puffs? You choose.

I might patronize again if they charge like $5. But that's not going to happen for sure, so for sure, I am not going back. As much as I love pink and flowers, I have to say bye to this pink flower. Bye, Sakura!

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Heading downhill

Sakura Buffet used to be my family's favourite restaurant. For $20 - $30, you are greeted with an all-you-can-eat buffet, from sushi, sashimi, seafood, tempura, cakes, chinese food, teppanyaki, ice cream, so on and so forth.

The food used to be consistently good with everything cooked to perfection. However, recently the food has gone downhill, probably in an attempt to cut cost. The taste is not quite there anymore. Food is sub-standard. The sashimi is not always assured of its freshness (I once had to spit out the stale and sour cuttlefish in my mouth). The crab supply is not miserable - it often gets snapped up and they do not bother to replenish (they are seriously cutting down on their resources. Sigh).

The best part about Sakura now would be their Teppanyaki - cuttlefish, beef, lamb and chicken which has also shrunk in portion, but nevertheless, tasty and cooked well.

Another gripe about Sakura would be the atrocious ambience. It is definitely way too raucous to have your meals at Sakura. The place is too echoey. The noise is really jarring. From a place my family visits 3 times a year, it has become a place we would visit once in 3 years - that is the sad fate of sakura.

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Affordable, but not worth a second visit

After much procrastination, I finally decided to try the infamous Sakura International Buffet. Seeing how insanely affordable the price was and the variety of foods being offered, I thought there was really no harm trying.

Upon first impression of the layout and ambiance, I disliked the layout of the restaurant, as it was rather difficult to get the foods. I mean, imagine having to squeeze in between patrons for the food. Nonetheless, I survived the night with the frequent shoulder-bumping with other patrons. Another thing was that the restaurant was playing music a little too loud. It was rather hard trying to converse throughout, and I ended up having to raise my voice a lot more than usual.

Foodwise, the food was just average. Of course I wasn't expecting a lot from the price I paid. And the food do take a little while for them to get replenished. The japanese foods aren't the freshest, and portions are tiny for the grilled items, thus causing me to make multiple trips to satiate myself. But hands down, I enjoyed the desserts very much. I think I binged on the desserts more than anything else.

Will I return there? If it was to my own accord, I highly doubt so. I will only return if I absolutely have to, like for planned functions or so.

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