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#03-01, River View Hotel 382 Havelock Road Singapore 169629
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At Irodori, discover the many pleasures in the menu prepared by experienced chefs using the freshest seafood and ingredients. The majority of Japanese dishes are contrived to accent the natural flavors of freshest fish almost all are prepared so as to go well with a selection of rice and sake. The season of the year is a prime factor in the selection of materials and the manner of preparation.

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Lunch: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Dinner: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM


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(Updated: March 08, 2013)


Irodori has always been one of the few Japanese restaurants raved by my friend (who is an ardent Japanese cuisine lover), so I was really excited to try the place out. The airy environment made for a really comfortable visit.

Sashimi is a must order. Theirs are fresh and come in generous slices. They do offer a variety of items, but not that much. I found their tempura items and garlic fried rice to be lacking in standard — the oiliness tends to get to you after awhile. They serve this free food item per pax (I can’t remember what it’s called! But it’s a giant grilled prawn with a delicious sauce) which was so good I wished I could have seconds.

Service wise, they can certainly do better. Sometimes it gets hard getting their attention, sometimes we are left wondering if they will ever serve our orders at all.

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Authentic Japanese Restuarant you can't miss!!

I came to know of Iridori just last year. It is a eat-all-you-can Japanese buffet, with authentic Japanese food. The ambiance is simple yet traditional. The service provided is a top-notch service, i would say. You do not need to ask for refill of tea, the ladies over there will automatically refill it for you.

Next I shall touch on the food. Excellent! Its just taste so good. Its a place where sashimi lovers couldn't miss. I myself is a sashimi lover. I find the sashimi they serve fresh, of quality and in generous thickness. The sushi and sashimi id definitely worthy of the price you are paying for. Its around 41 bucks after GST, but you can eat all the way from 630pm onwards to probably 10pm. However with everything so good, there is one little area which Iridori can improve on. It may just be the variety of the food they serve. Maybe because it is a authentic Japanese restaurant, that is why there is a limit on the variety served. Nonetheless, I love Iridori!

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salmon sashimi
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quality japanese buffet

Irodori is a restaurant in riverside hotel which provides pretty impressive Japanese buffet at a very reasonable price. For the amount of sashimi and salmon we ordered, it’s surely well worth the price. The buffet price is about $40 per pax after GST. I had it last week with my colleagues during lunch time. Though the buffet menu is not extensive, we had a good number of dishes to order from. As I don’t eat sashimi, all my colleagues commented that the sashimi was fresh and tender.

The restaurant is quite generous with the quality of their food. We get to order dishes from the menu and they come in very small portion so we would not be so stuffed. With smaller portion, we get to try many other dishes from their menu. Apart from sushi (which we surprisingly did not order at all), there are many ala carte orders such as grilled chicken wings, salmons, sashimi, udon, tempuras etc.

The setting of the restaurant is rather simple, like what you would expect in a typical Japanese restaurant, wooden table and seats, etc. Despite the restaurant being hidden and so inaccessible, I am really impressed with the crowd there!

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