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Ramen Bari Uma serves up Hiroshima style ramen where the soup base is a mixture of both pork and shoyu. This results in the soup being much thicker than regular shoyu ramen, with a more robust flavour.

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Hiroshima style ramen
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Tanglin Shopping Centre is ancient by Orchard Road’s standards - practically a 100 year old granny halfway into her grave. However, within it lies an unpolished diamond. Ramen Bari Uma remains one of Singapore’s more underrated ramen shops, perhaps due to its obscure location, but that’s one of the main reasons why this is the first place I turn to when I’m craving for a steaming bowl of ramen. Even when I went on a Saturday evening, the place was not crowded at all and I was served within 15 minutes of ordering, which upped this place more brownie points.

Bari Uma serves up a mean bowl of Hiroshima style ramen, which consists of richly flavoured tonkotsu shoyu soup, thick cut flamed charsiew and soft fleshy bamboo shoots. Its broth is the richest that I’ve ever had, which I really enjoy, but it does get a bit too much after a while especially for people who don’t like salty food. The noodles were firm and springy, exactly how I like mine to be.

Overall, a swell place to grab a quick bite if you’re shopping in Orchard and can’t think of anything to eat.

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Decent ramen broth that can get a bit much
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I would say that Bari Uma is a reliable ramen place, though it isn't one of my favourites. The tonkotsu-shoyu broth is one of the richest I've tried. It's complex and heavy with a hint of smokiness. I did enjoy the flavour of the broth but the saltiness of the soup gets a little overwhelming after a while. The noodles were firm, the way I like my ramen to be. I also liked the flame-grilled cha shu for its smoky-salty flavour and tender meat.

Service was not bad and prompt. I would return again to try the other broths I haven't given a chance. In any case, It's a decent bowl of ramen but gets a bit much halfway through.

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