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Nicole-Marie Ng
Listing created by Nicole-Marie Ng on July 01, 2014    

Baikohken is located at Takeshimaya Basement 2 and serves Japanese ramen. Their specialty is Butter Corn and Shoyu ramen.

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1100 - 2300


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Shio Shiok

Baikohken, tucked away in a corner of Takashimaya’s Japanese food hall, is known for their giant bowls of chashu.. ramen. Yep, it’s the meat, not the noodles, that are the main draw of this busy little eatery.

I headed there soon after hearing about it from a friend – simply couldn’t resist the temptation of a ramen bowl overflowing with yummy pork slices! I decided to play it safe though, and went with a small (half) chashu ramen plus an egg. The cost was a little over my usual budget, but then, CHASHU.

The half bowl wasn’t as impressive (or scary) as my friends’ normal bowls, but it came with five huge chunks of chashu! – all satisfyingly solid and melt-in-your-mouth good – topped with a generous shaving of spring onions. Egg was delicious. The broth was tasty and not as salty as I’d expected, though rather on the oily side. Would’ve preferred the noodles less well-done too.

Still, overall a great experience – I’ll be back soon to try their chashu don!

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