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#B1-75 RAFFLES CITY SHOPPING CENTRE 252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103
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Established in 1969 as a gyoza specialist with over 300 outlets in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and now Singapore. Osaka Ohsho translates to ‘The King of Gyoza in Osaka and their gyoza (dumplings) are hand-made.

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A Chinese-Japanese fusion you can’t find anywhere else

Osaka Osho is a very unique restaurant that sells a mix of japanese and chinese food, and there are items on the menu that are a fusion of the two.

The City Hall outlet has a huge, human sized sculpture of a gyoza at its storefront. Hint Hint. Try their gyoza, which is not hard, since every item on the menu can some as a set with gyoza.

Another must try is their Fuwatoro Tenshin Han. It is an omelette rice with a starchy mui fan sauce. It looks like a simple dish, but don’t let looks deceive you. Unlike japanese omelette rice, this omelette is thick, wet and layered. It's like a WWII nuclear bunker for the rice underneath.

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(Updated: November 12, 2014)

Average gyoza, better eggs

Osaka Ohsho is better known for their gyoza in Japan. Went to one of their outlets, at West Gate. Osaka Ohsho may sound foreign or new to many of you, but I am sure you heard of Ajisen Ramen. That is right; Osaka Ohsho came from the same company, just different names.

On a weekday, more than half the place will be occupied however, there will be usually no queue. Once you are seated, take a look at the menu and there will be an e-menu for you to select as well as to order your dishes. Finalize your order before sending in, the prices exclusive of GST and charges will be reflected on the ‘final order’ page.

If you are thinking of ordering the ramen, don’t. The soup for the ramen was rather bland and it was not appetizing. Go for the meals with the rice. Try the Chicken Tenshin Han set meal. It consists on rice with chicken cubes and a layer of egg wrapped over. Together with six pieces of gyoza and soup at S$13.90, excluding taxes, it is not too bad of a deal. The egg was soft and smooth, it was good. However, being known for their gyoza, I expected more. It was average and nothing to rave about. The sauce provided seemed more like a mix of soy sauce and a little vinegar.

Otherwise, it is not too bad. Another alternative if you spot long queues from the other places serving Japanese food.

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Has potential

Since it's opening in Singapore, Osaka Ohsho has been gaining popularity quickly with it's signature Gyoza sets. I first visited their Raffles City outlet over a year back, and has since added it to my affordable set meals for a filling treat. With set meals ranging from 11.90$ - 15.90$, it is quite a steal considering how the accompanying plate of 6 Gyozas could actually be a meal on it's own for a lighter appetite.

Their gyoza is made with 3 different type of pork and pan fried, though I suspect they were frozen since the Gyoza are often served stuck together. The filling was juicy and did not taste heavy on the palate, but the oil coating on the wonton skin was a bit too visible. It was not as exceptional as I thought it would be for a signature dish.

Out of my 3 visits to Osaka Ohsho, the Tenshin Han was without fail, always on my plate. The luscious texture of the fluffy egg omelette wins me over completely, it melts in a way you could not imagine capable by an egg. The short grain rice bowled underneath the generous egg coating is soaked with their signature sauce, and the hint of sour blended well with the savoury overall. This experience was true for my first two visits. Unfortunately on my third return at the Plaza Sing outlet, the egg was overcooked and even slightly burnt on the sides. It tasted like something i could cook on my own. Though it was during their dinner peak hour, It was such a disappointment that they served such sub-standard quality of food. Peak hour should never be an excuse for any compromise.

Both outlets had an obvious shortage of manpower as the waiters were hurrying everywhere and it took quite a while for me to get attended to. So if you want a pleasant first experience, it might be better to go at an offpeak hour just in case the same thing happens to you. Just a word of advice to girls with a smaller appetite, the set is actually very filling so be sure to share if you're not a big eater! Hopefully the restaurant will tighten up their quality control and increase their servicing staff soon.

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Fluffy egg
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Plaza Sing & Raffles city
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Fluffy egg omelette!

My friend told me Osaka Ohsho's omurice is good so I went there today for dinner.

Indeed, it is really tasty and the egg is soft and fluffy! It was just egg and rice, with sauce, and it is really filling. The egg is almost like an inch thick! It was kind of cool because I've never eaten omelet like this before. I bought the set and it comes with six pieces of gyoza and a small bowl of soup(with egg inside too) and it costs $12.90 before service charge and gst, which I thought it was okay. My friend bought ramen and it was quite good too.

I also found out that Osaka Ohsho is known for its gyoza, but I didn't find their gyoza very special. Also, the place was a bit small and very noisy. I was satisfied with my overall experience there, but I wouldn't go back there. Once is enough.

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