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The green-tea theme is carried through to the interior decor of wasabi hues, but it’s all good as you settle in with a range of macha served in an (abbreviated) Japanese tea ceremony. For those with short attention spans, the mint or lychee freezes are quick thirst-quenchers. Food-wise, the menu is limited to items like madeleines, chiffon cakes (a little too dry for our tastes) and a trio of sandwiches, including a wasabi tuna. Order the silky panacotta. Green tea-flavoured, of course.

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Too much matcha!

I’ve never been a fan of matcha, so Ochacha has never had any appeal to me. However, after constant cajoling by my friend, I decided to give this tiny café a shot. Man, they sure weren’t kidding about matcha.

Ochacha, with its wide variety of drinks, is more suitable for those looking for a place to chill out than those looking for a substantial meal, as it has an extremely limited selection of food. Oh yes, and practically everything in Ochacha is green tea-flavoured. The drinks, the food, the desserts… they’re all the same flavour. The drinks are worth a try as they do not have the usual bitter aftertaste of most green tea drinks. However, I got really sick of the taste and couldn’t finish my Lychee rock drink. For hardcore matcha fans, Ochacha might be paradise, but it’s a bit too much for me. All the desserts are green tea-flavoured, and they don’t go well with the drinks as the taste of green tea is too overpowering.

As for the (very) few food items on the menu, I must say I’m not too impressed. I had the smoked chicken somen, and was surprised to see that it was a cold dish. The bland noodles went well with the flavourful chicken and mushrooms, but it wasn’t very filling. For something that reminded me more of an appetiser, $7.90 was definitely not worth it. My friend had the chasoba, an all-veggie cold dish. The sauce used made the dish quite special and tasty, so matcha-lovers may want to try that. Overall, Ochacha is alright for the occasional visit, but I wouldn’t patronise it again.

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green tea lovers haven

I would probably be quite biased towards ochacha as I am huge green tea fan and by default, a huge ochacha fan since it's first outlet opened at raffles city. When it first opened, I remember dropping by frequently just to order by weekly fix of ochaha rocks (green tea latte with milk, shaken with ice).

I've had the green tea lattes at teadot and at starbucks, but none of it comes anything close to ochacha rocks. I hate it when i can see undissolved matcha powder in my green tea drinks or when the drinks have a bitter aftertaste because of the matcha powder, or when there's matcha overkill. Ochacha rocks definitely doesn't fall foul of any of the above, and it fact, it's so good, that i never did try any of the other drinks when i go to ochacha. If my memory serves me right, the drinks range from about 5-7 dollars.

The outlet at raffles city has since closed but there's an outlet at paragon basement, which i visit less often. The food is just as good and the ambience is not too bad either. the decor is simple and calming, with mostly a white and green color theme. A great place for a relaxing tea.

Ochacha has all sorts of green tea drinks and also green tea desserts. for savory food, they have sandwiches and the last time i went, i recall seeing soba on the menu. They usually have lunchtime promos that are value for money (expect to spend less than 10bucks for a set), and once when i went, their drinks were going one-for-one (but that was quite some time ago).

I have never tried the savory items on the menu but the green tea pana cotta and green tea azuki cake are both really delicious and affordable too (less than 5 dollars).

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