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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

This ‘kitchen’ is all about making choices: come up with your own combination meal from four kinds of carbohydrates including Japanese rice and home-cooked noodles, ten toppings, four sauces for the main and 15 choices for drink blends (mix up to three together).

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A slice of heaven

Kichn is a cosy and serene restaurant located inconspicuously at a small section of Albert Street. Despite the small space it takes up, dining at Kichn is simply heavenly. There are only a few seats available (about 5 tables I suppose) outdoors but the ambience is perfect, especially at night. It is alfresco dining with the dim lights, gentle night breeze and the warmth of food in your stomach and in your heart.

Kichn is owned by a design agency and that explains the sleek and visually appealing outlook of the entire place. Also, when taking your orders, you are allowed to flaunt your artistic side with colour pencils provided and indicate any way you want your order on the order sheet.

Food served is highly appetising and warm, albeit being contained uncannily but tastefully in a paper box. Service is great at Kichn as well. The waiters are polite and welcoming. I definitely would like to visit Kichn again.

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interesting concept, value for money

The best part of Kichn is to be able to have the power to mix and match food and drink options to give the perfect meal. They have a variety of options for the base, main and sauce to choose from to create a main dish and more than ten choices to make a blended drink.

The meal was served in an interesting manner, in a takeaway paper box although we chose to eat at the restaurant itself. I chose the combination of sphagetti with portobello mushroom and cream sauce as my main. It was served with two big pieces of portobello mushroom, quite a big serving of sphagetti and rich, creamy sauce. To complete the meal, blended drinks, with one, two or three choices can be made. Since it is cheaper to order a drink with the meal, at $3, $4 and $5, instead of the usual $4.90, $5.90 and $6.90 for the single, double and triple blend, the drinks are worth a try. It would be better to mix fruity tastes or chocolate tastes separately as my choice of lychee and oreo did not really go together. It was an interesting mix nonetheless, although it would not be the one of the better combinations.

For approximately $10 for a full set meal, Kichn is worth a try. Be prepared to wait for the good and interesting meal though. Kichn appears to be unknown to many, thus there are few customers even during dinnertime on the weekends. However, as the sitting area is small, going early to get seats is still advisable.

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