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#03-81, The [email protected] 68B Orchard Road Singapore 238891
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Tsukada Nojo is a Japanese hotpot restaurant named after a chicken farm in Japan. The restaurant prides itself on its organic chicken broth, which is rich in collagen and served alongside a variety of wholesome ingredients.

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11:30-16:00(Lunch), 17:00-22:00(Dinner)
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68B Orchard Road,
#03-81, The [email protected],
Singapore 238891


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A friend introduced me to Tsukada Nojo and I was hooked on to it since! I love steamboats but I must ensure that the soup base is made of authentic flavors, rather than just MSG and artificial seasonings. At Tsukada Nojo, their chicken broth comes in a bean curd like texture and for a moment, I thought that it was fats and oil. When heated, it "melts" and becomes extremely thick and flavorful soup. I love knowing that it is rich in collagen too!

The set comes with a fixed serving of vegetables and meat. The server will help to cook the meat and vegetables so thumbs up for the service there! I have no complains about the food at Tsukada Nojo at all. We also tried their onigiri, which is Japanese rice wrapped in bacon (or other toppings like cheese.) We tried the bacon one and it was really good! The sauce that came along with it complemented the onigiri so well.

At the end of the meal, we were presented with a little surprise too! A slice of cake with a nice portrait of my friend and I on the plate, drawn in chocolate sauce. So much effort! Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience at Tsukada Nojo. Would definitely recommend this place for an awesome less guilty steamboat!

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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Tsukada Nojo has to be one my new favourite places to eat in Singapore. Even though the food is consistent throughout all branches, I do recommend going to the branch at Westgate as it is less crowded than the one that Plaza Singapura (where you might have to queue for an hour before you manage to get a seat). The steamboat is truly outstanding and will instantly make your day brighter by leaving you feeling more energized.

Be warned though, even though this is a place for chicken hotpot, you will only get one piece of chicken and some chicken meatballs. Most of what will make your meal are the fresh vegetables imported straight from Japan and the heavenly soup. What I like the best about Tsukada Nojo is that even though you would expect that they used a lot of MSG in the soup because its just so tasty, you really don't leave feeling thirsty and dehydrated at all. This is truly comfort food at its finest and for the quality you get, I think its definitely worth the $25++ per person.

What really stood out for me however, was the service. My waitress Sakura was extremely attentive and really went above and beyond to explain each aspect of the meal to us and how best to enjoy it. For an establishment that is not considered fine dining, I think this was honestly the best service I've ever received at a restaurant. Additionally, you get small perks as you climb up the "corporate ladder" such as a free serving of fries and its cute little touches like this that makes Tsukada Nojo an interesting, delicious place well worth the visit.

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Bijin Nabe
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The Famous Bijin Nabe, otherwise known as Beauty Hotpot

Finally landing in Singapore, Tsukada Nojo has had its business swamped with a relentless flow of curious patrons eager to try out the solidified broth that magically melts into chicken soup.

Make sure you get into the queue early! The collagen pot is only served during dinner, which starts at 5pm. Otherwise, leave your number with them as early as you can. An automated voice machine will call you when it's your turn.

The soup broth, a collagen-rich pudding made from chicken bones, will be served to you. When it melts away, chicken pieces are uncovered beneath. The pretty Japanese boss then served us the soup in a small cup and told us to taste it first. The soup was so, so rich and flavourful. An array of vegetables, prawns and other items will then be added into the soup, and apparently the sequence in which you put them is extremely important! This will affect the taste of your soup, and the waitresses will help you out with it.

This was super filling for some reason, and you can also request to add more soup if you want (more collagen-rich pudding!) However, the soup began to feel increasingly salty the more we drank, especially if it becomes thicker when the heat is turned down. So remember to drink loads of water/tea, or drink the soup slower!

Do try out the Nikumaki onigiri (riceballs wrapped with bacon) as well! We got the Yuzu one and this was really tasty. Even I who don't eat fried bacon decided to just indulge in it.

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