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Nanbantei Japanese Restuarant is one of the longest-standing and first Yakitori restaurants in Singapore. Specializing in yakitori, Nanbantei is tucked away on the fifth floor of Far East Plaza.

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(Updated: September 14, 2013)

Possibly the oldest Japanese Yakitori in Singapore

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant is supposedly the oldest Japanese Yakitori Restaurant in Singapore.

Entering the simple wood furnished outlet, you can see that seats are limited in this small and comfy restaurant. Simplicity is the core of Japanese cuisine. I’m very glad that they accept seat reservations if not I’d probably be eating Tori-Q instead. The ventilation system is also strong, sucking away any of the smoke from the grill; an absolute must for a Yakitori restaurant.

A huge variety of yakitori and sashimi to choose from, Nanbantei excels on the simplicity of it's seasoning and ingredients, depending largely on freshness of the raw base component.

The chefs just whip out whatever the order is, salts and peppers it then slaps it on the grill. That's pretty much the entire cooking process.

Not exactly cheap also for Yakitori, but it's a treat to see 2 live chefs grilling your food in front of you.

Check the full review with awesome photos at my blog link below.

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Authentic Jap Yakitori

I was brought here by a friend, and wasn't even aware of Nanbantei's existence before that. The interior of the shop is quite small, but it is cozy, and reminds me of Japan. I love Yakitori, and was delighted to be brought here for dinner.

There were 3 of us, and we shared 2 course sets among ourselves. The yakitori here is superb, cooked to perfection. Also, their serving time inbetween each dish was really good, not too early or else the food will turn cold, and not too late, leaving us with nothing to eat for a period of time. The sets came with rice, which was good because it would definitely fill us up, and it's something to eat together with the yakitori sticks.

The price is a little on the high side, but for this authentic Japanese dining experience, I wouldn't mind paying once in awhile.

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