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A restaurant which originates from Japan specializing in Japanese pork katsu (fried breaded pork chops), which is served with a variety of other items such as curry, special sauce in hot plate, breaded brawns and katsu sauce. They also sell katsu sandwich, which is one of their signature items.

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Katsu Haven

This is not your regular cafe or Japanese restaurant, this katsu specialist serves really good food, and what I like most about them is that while they make an effort to make their sides and other dishes nice, they are able to keep the good standard of their principal focus, the katsu.

The katsu meats are succulent and juicy, while the batter and breadcrumbs is light, crisp and tasty. The prawns are fresh and have a nice texture, and the salad is just about right to be eaten with the katsu. What I like in this shop is the curry, which is not spicy but very rich and aromatic, and best eaten with the rice.

However, my undisputed favourite dish in the shop is the Rosu Katsu, which is katsu meat on a hotplate with a special sauce, egg and vegetables, in which the sauce is so tasty and adding the sweetness of the vegetables makes the taste of the dish heavenly. The katsu sandwich they sell is unique in taste and is worth the buy at just below $4.

The service is really good, and the staff are always ready to accommodate to customers' requests, and I feel the prices are rather good for food of such quality. My only complaint about the shop is the seating plan which is a little tight for comfort.

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