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Junction 8 9 Bishan Place, #02-34/35/35A 579837
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Established since 1947, Kazokutei is one of Osaka’s most well known brands of udon restaurant. With over 200 outlets in Japan, the company prides itself in the delicious and high quality handmade udon, and the healthy cooking methods used by its chefs to bring out the natural taste of the noodle.

Kazokutei offers udon from both eastern and western Japan, with 2 different types of soup bases. Kokudashi Udon is from Eastern Japan where katsuo bushi (dried bonito) is typically used to make a stronger flavoured soup, while Shira Dashi Udon is from Western Japan where konbu (sea tangle) is generally used to make a sweeter taste soup.

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200 Victoria Street, #02-49, Singapore 188021

68 Orchard Road, #04-01, Singapore 238839


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Good Udon

My first Kazokutei experience was at the Causeway Point outlet back when it was still in operation. The place looked really bright and welcoming, and the large standing banner featured many mouth-watering pictures of their signature dishes. The prices were affordable too so I decided there was no harm in trying out this Japanese restaurant.

I had their Kokudashi Udon and was quite pleased at the ‘Q’-ness of the noodles and light savoury flavour of the soup. It was, as a whole, a good bowl of udon. I also liked their fried chicken side dish, it was crisp and evenly cooked.

The staff were also friendly and attentive. It took no time at all for them to notice me raising my hand to place my order. Of course, my experience may not apply to other outlets across the island but, in general, I believe that the standard is there.

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I love their handmade udon

New place for dinner in an ordinary looking Bishan Junction 8. But Kazokutei serves solid handmade udon.

On my first visit, I ordered the Seafood Cream Udon which I didn't quite enjoy as I found the cream sauce too think for my liking. By the fifth bite, I was already sick of the richness in the cream. But I was determined to give the restaurant a chance as the Pork Gozen Set from next table caught my attention. It looked so good I swear. So glad I made a second visit!

On my second visit, I ordered the Pork Gozen Set which I liked the sweetness of the soup and I found it to be rather value for money. The broth was warm and hearty. The meal came with either a choice of chicken kakiage or mixed tempura (which I chose) and sushi. My friends ordered Kamaage Udon (Udon served in hot water) and Zaru Udon. We also tried the Shrimp Kakiage which was just perfectly done up. Crispy, yet not overdone.

The part of the restaurant which I didn't quite like was the non air-conditioned seating area whee my friend and I sat on our first visit. Steaming hot from the neighbouring hotpots. The air-conditioned seating area would be just good. But surely, having lived in a tropical country, who would want to be enjoying a free sauna while dining?

Heard their toufu hamburger's worth trying too. Haven't tried it but will be keen to do so on my next visit. Great place!

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Junction 8
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Really ordinary Udon

Feeling hungry, my friends and I gave Kazokutei a try since we had not heard of it. Initially, I was pleased with the efficient service provided. Despite it being the lunch hour, Kazokutei was not too crowded and my friends and I were ushered to our seats quickly by a friendly waiter.

Since I was on a budget, I ordered the Japanese Curry Udon Gozen set, which costs only $9.90. When trying to call for service, I was frustrated as I was ignored by all the staff who simply rushed past our table!! After much patience, a waitress finally came to our service, Perhaps it was the lack of experience that made her mix up our orders and she forgot to take down one of my friends' orders. Luckily, we were assisted by another waitress who cleared up the mess.

When the food arrived, I was puzzled to be served a really huge bowl, but with really little udon and curry in it. It looked simply pathetic. Since it was a set meal, I was given a side dish but to my utter disappointment, I could not believe that the extra $2 I paid (for set meal as compared to just udon) was worth only a few chicken pieces. The udon and curry tasted just like any ordinary ones I've tasted before and there was nothing special about it.

Kazokutei has quite a commendable ambience, as the decorations are reasonably authentic but the service provided and food served are certainly not up to my expectations.

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Worst Japanese curry ever tasted!

I am a huge fan of Japanese curry, and I tend to go out of my way to try the curry at various Japanese restaurants. The first (and not to mention, only) time that I dined at Kazokutei was an absolutely horrible experience, and it was then that I tasted the worst Japanese curry ever in my life.

Firstly, the curry reeked. I do not know how one can possibly make curry reek, but the curry at Kazokutei smelled absolutely weird. My chicken cutlets were too stiff and hard to chew, and the curry definitely did not mash well with the rice. Also, there were random bits of meat (origin unspecified) lurking in the curry, and those weren't exactly delicious either.

My friend had ramen there, but according to him, the ramen at Kazokutei was not fantastic either, and tasted oddly bland.

Kazokutei's only saving grace is its service, which is thankfully efficient and helpful. However, I suspect that the only reason why the staff was so efficient when I dined in at Kazokutei was because my friend and I were the only customers at that point of time.

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