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Megumi Japanese Restaurant 77 Upper East Coast Rd Singapore 455218
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Megumi sells a range of Japanese cuisine.

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delicious Japanese cuisine

My family and I were pleasantly surprised to find out that this small, unassuming store served Japanese cuisine of really good quality. The dishes are above average as compared to other popular Japanese food chains in Singapore, and the sashimi very fresh!

I highly recommend trying one of their bento sets, which are $20 - $30, as it offers a variety of dishes in small portions that's easy to share with friends. In fact, if you have a small appetite, you may not be able to finish it alone!

Do check out the seasonal offerings available as well for uncommon dishes.

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Nothing special, pretty average

I dined here once or twice with my family, and I found Megumi a pretty average Japanese restaurant. There's nothing in particular that is extra special, it's quite ordinary. They serve up the standard Japanese cuisine, sashimi, sushi and other Japanese dishes. The food in general is relatively good.

The last time I was there, I ordered the garlic fried rice, the grilled beef cubes and a sashimi platter. The garlic rice was surprisingly good. There was enough garlic to give it that extra kick, and each grain of rice was well evenly coated with egg so that they did not clump together. Bonus points for that! The beef was well seasoned, and cooked to perfection, medium rare as we requested. The sashimi was as per normal, fresh and good.

It is generally a good restaurant, but it's a little more pricey. However I do recommend it and it's really worth a try.

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Very good Japanese food!

I can safely say that my family and I are frequent customers of Megumi. The first time I went there I was awed by their fast service and authentic, mouth-watering food served. We usually order several types of sushi to share and we fought to eat every single type! It was just that good. The sushi served is well plated to make it simply unresistable and the ingredients used are all fresh and of good quality!

I personally adore their sashimi selection which we never fail to order every time we visit because it is always fresh and succulent and in huge pieces. It changes a little every time though, because they flow their sashimi in and it's seasonal.

All in all, it's a great place for authentic Japanese food and fast service! Although a bit pricey, but most Japanese restaurants are, so why not go for one that serves excellent food? ;)

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Yummy Japanese fare!

Visited this restaurant with my family along Upper East Coast Road awhile back. Eating out with your parents comes with many pleasures and the biggest advantage, I would have to say, would be ordering food items with liberty! Because the bill will be taken care of ;)

We ordered a whole slew of items to feed 5 hungry tummies. Here are some of the items we enjoyed: Miso-baked eggplant, UFO Maki, Megumi Maki, Grilled beef cubes, Sashimi platter, Shabu shabu (Japanese hotpot).

Kicking off the meal, we enjoyed the glistening pieces of raw pink fish laid out with wasabi and sauce. Following that we had the UFO Maki - named because the chef has his choice of fish in the sushi, leaving guests in an air of mystery. The plating was eye-catching and the mystery ingredients offering delight to our palate.

The beef cubes were spectacularly soft, melting in my mouth. We were very tempted to have another round of it.

Can't remember how much the bill came up to, but I'm definitely coming back with the folks!

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