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Select 3 types of soup bases, select soup, ramen and chicken oil level. Customize your ramen to your liking and enjoy it to your fullest. This branch focus more on chicken, while another branch at Orchid Hotel, further down the street focus more on pork.

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1130am - 10pm
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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Bugis branch: Opening soon.


Ramen Keisuke Tori King
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I've Never Had Ramen Until ...

I've never had ramen until Keisuke Tori King! I know, it sounds pretty dramatic but only ever having udon and soba in my life, I was hesitant to consume starchy noodles swimming in thick broth.

My experience was at the Orchid Hotel branch and naturally, there was a queue. While waiting, a form pertaining to customising your pork ramen was given to be filled up and I chose 'al dente' noodles, mild spicy broth, no oil, and addition of seaweed. Despite the tight dining space, the ambience was "so-Jap." Nippon-themed posters donned the walls and wooden furniture were clustered at the right corners. The table setting was overladen with complimentary sides like steamed bean sprouts, sesame seed garnish and a bowl of hard-boiled eggs. The ramen itself was everything I wanted it to be and though it was a battle to finish, my stomach was more than satisfied. In addition, they also sold green tea cola which looked better than it tasted.

The service staff were extremely efficient and super friendly. With the food, service, and ambience in check, my virgin ramen experience was definitely worth queuing for.

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Feels like Japan

Some ramen places in Singapore have large bowls but small portions. The portions (especially the meat) simply do not justify the prices. I am so glad to say that Ramen Keisuke Tori King is not one of those.

I was initially wary of the chicken thigh although I loved the idea of it. Wrestling with the bone in an attempt to peel off the meat did not seem like a fun notion. All such silly thoughts vanished when the glorious bowl of ramen and chicken appeared before me. The tender meat slipped off the bone silkily, I paired it with a healthy spoonful of ramen, and quickly ascended into Ramen Nirvana. The Gods of Good Noodles gazed upon this benediction and approved, they said the pairing was right and true. Coupled with the flavored molten egg and fragrant soup, it is a combination for the ages. The free-flow hard boiled eggs simply adds to the overall bliss, and probably also heightens your cholesterol level, but life is too short to not eat good food right? There are also free-flow bean sprouts, if you are into that kind of thing (which I am evidently not).

There is usually a queue for this place but it tends to move fast and thus I have never found an issue with it. The place is a mixture of individual and communal seating, which reminds me of the ramen joints I visited in Japan. This is my favourite ramen place so far, although Ramen Santouka in CQ is not too shabby too. But ultimately I suppose it is a matter of tastebuds, so to each their own! I know I will be heading back here soon.

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Chicken thigh
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Ramen Keisuke Tori King
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Life changer - converted me to a ramen fiend.

Ramen - it was something that didn't use to appeal to me. Say ramen in my face now and I would most probably shriek at you. I LOVE ramen. I have the audacity to say that I've tried most of the ramen in Singapore, but I would always return to my favourite Keisuke. Be it the tonkotsu branch, tori king branch, four seasons branch or more, they never fail.

If I had to pick one, My absolute fave would be the tonkotsu one - simply because I favour char siew more. Nonetheless, the tori King one fares better in the ambience department. Although the shop is rather small, the decor was welcoming and teleports one straight to Japan, with cute Japanese posters strewn all over the walls. I like how Keisuke allows one to customise their own ramen; noodles texture, oiliness of soup and additional stuff like whether you'll like fungus in your ramen etc. The free flow eggs definitely added brownie points!

However, I usually don't go for the free flow ones as I find it a tad troublesome to have to peel it myself. Talk about lazy! Also, I'm a fervent believer that one should ALWAYS have onsen eggs when having ramen. The broth, full of collagen goodness, is tantalising for the taste buds. I usually finish the entire bowl of broth, but do take note that there is quite a lot of MSG in it as I would feel pretty thirsty after. I would say all this MSG is worth it - that's how much i love the broth! Noodles were pretty mediocre to me - would it be odd to say that I usually eat my ramen for the broth?

On the whole, I really love Keisuke and i foresee myself going back time and again even if it means standing in the sun queuing for an hour.

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Japan standard ramen

After I came back from Japan, my tastebuds were spoilt from all the superb ramens I have had. The ramens I had in Japan made me not want to have ramen anywhere else anymore. I was jaded for quite awhile as I thought I would never try anything close to that in Japan. Until I tried Ramen Keisuke Tori King. The eatery itself looks very quaint, Japanese styled ramen bar. My colleagues brought me to Ramen Keisuke Tori King and we even had to queue before it opened at 11am.

The ramens are sort of customized to the customer's own liking. They have 3 soup bases to choose from, and you can choose how oily, how hard or soft you want your noodles etc. The thing that amazed me was the free flow eggs and preserved bean sprouts by the sides of the table. On top of that, the ramen wasn't costly at all! About $15+ if I'm not wrong.

I chose the original soup base, less oily and hard noodles. The soup was really delish! It really reminded me of the bowls of ramen I had in Japan. The chicken thigh is huge too and the meat is very tender. I wasn't expecting that as I thought the chicken meat would be dry and hard. The hard boiled eggs went really well with the ramen and the soup. I polished the entire bowl and left the place with a happy belly. I foresee myself heading back there soon. I wasn't surprised at all when I saw the snaking queue when I left the eatery.

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Give me that chicken drumstick!

Obviously I came for the chicken drumstick, so there was absolutely no hesitation when I placed my order in the very straightforward order sheet. "How much chicken oil do you want in your ramen, do you want all of the toppings, and the strength of your noodles?" I couldn't wait for my food to arrive.

To keep the intense ramen craving at bay I snacked on the seasoned tau ghey provided by the side. If that was any indication of the food I was so gingerly waiting for, I was made even more excited.

Everything tasted fine.. which is a great dip from my expectations. I guess I forgot to account for potential sogginess of the chicken drumstick. Nonetheless it was tender and a great side to accompany the ramen.

I also very curiously tried out the green cola. Meh. I hate the feeling of succumbing to novelty and then paying the price of disappointment. Guess this is just a piece of friendly advice to people reading this! Green cola is nothing like what I fantasised - a combination of that awesome green colored F&N drink and cola.

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Authentic Japanese ramen with a twist!

Keisuke Tori King offers ramen in a chicken-based broth.

The reason why I didn't include the word "only" in that sentence is because the chicken-based broth is really the only thing they need to serve! It's simply amazing! Those who are used to the aroma of typical pork-based ramen broths are likely to be pleasantly surprised by Keisuke Tori King's offerings. Customers are allowed to choose the 'strength' of the broth, the softness of their noodles and inclusion of various other toppings. I've been there twice and tried both the 'normal' and 'strong' variations of their 'Black Spicy' ramen. The normal version of the broth was plenty flavourful, but the strong one was bordering on overpowering. However, with such amazing flavours, 'overpowering' might have been a good thing!

The dish itself came with a nice, large chicken thigh, lots of noodles, a huge piece of seaweed and assorted toppings which I decided to order. The chicken was moist throughout, incredibly tender and just flat-out amazing. I ordered the 'normal softness' variation of the noodles and sure enough, they were chewy and done just right. The broth, as mentioned earlier, was packed with incredible flavours, although it was a bit on the oily side. I also ordered their 'Green Tea Cola' which was not only refreshingly tasty, but also complemented the ramen well. If anyone knows where I can find more of that stuff, do let me know!

The prices are also really affordable and are just above that of Ajisen Ramen. If you ask me, it's well worth the extra few dollars. The service was decent, like what you'd expect from most restaurants here. The ambiance was really cool and authentic too!

Overall, Keisuke Tori King offers a Japanese ramen experience that is incredibly unique at completely reasonable prices! Good job!

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Best Part:
Chicken-based broth, Green Tea Cola
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Amara Hotel
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(Updated: May 19, 2013)

So oily but fragrant and shiok

This is one ramen that you either love or hate. I have heard some of my friends saying that it does not taste as wholesome as the pork broth based ramen. I have also heard raves about it. So of course, I had to go down and taste it myself!

Ramen Keisuke Tori King specializes in chicken ramen, something you don't usually get to see in most ramen shops due to pork broth being the norm. I had to wait for about 10-15 minutes before I got a seat. Before I got in, I was already handed a sheet to indicate what I want. It is simple. Just tick the boxes of your choice. Choose your ramen (they have 3 types. The normal, black (black pepper) and green (wasabi), the oil level and doneness of the ramen. My friend and I opted for the normal ramen with less chicken oil and normal noodle doneness. It was recommended on the sheet that you tick Normal for everything for an authentic Japanese experience but don't we girls always opt for less oil? Haha!

The interior had this rustic Japanese feel. Very nice! It was different from the usual posh, bamboo, prim and proper looking Japanese dining places. I liked it! Our orders were served relatively quickly. The first thing that caught my eye was the huge chicken thigh in my ramen bowl. Wow I have never been served such a huge chicken thigh in my ramen before. That got me excited. I began to slurp slurp my noodles. Really yummy. The broth, the noodles and the chicken was perfect. The chicken skin was crispy! The only drawback was that the oil was still too much for me and I already ticked less oil. Can they come out with a "lesser than less oil" option??? This ramen place also serve free flow hard boiled eggs and seasoned beansprouts! The seasoned beansprouts are very tasty to have. Overall, I really like this place for a change from the usual pork broth base. Would definitely come here again!

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