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#03-80, Plaza Singapura 68B Orchard Road 238891
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Listing created by kuchiki on February 20, 2013    

Nana’s Green Tea is a Japanese cafe that specialises in matcha-themed desserts and beverages. It also serves mains like sushi and udon dishes.

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Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00
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68B Orchard Road,
#03-80/82, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238891


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The holy grail of all things matcha

I wouldn’t call myself a matcha fanatic - but Nana’s Green Tea’s desserts have had me thinking otherwise.

Prices may be steep, but I assure you - every cent is worth it. Nana’s Green Tea’s Matcha Shiratama Parfait ($12.65) and Hoji “Gateaux Chocolat” Parfait ($14.75) contained an extensive blend of textures and flavours which came together seamlessly, producing an exquisite taste for such a simple looking parfait. You’ll find yourself gobbling up scoop after scoop, maybe even refusing to share it with the friend you had split the cost with. I even found myself scrambling onto all of my social media accounts just to share this wondrous place, only to find out that it was already rather renowned, much to my dismay. All hopes of being the pioneer fan of Nana’s Green Tea were dashed at that moment… but, it’s okay - I’m just glad everyone has taste as great as mine.

Whether you love or hate matcha, this is the place to go - it’s a new year, time to try something new!

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(Updated: March 05, 2014)

Green Tea Heaven

I always visit this place during lunch, because their lunch promotions are SO. WORTH. IT. A main course + a free matcha drink of any choice under $8.

The main courses are average, but their drinks and desserts are so good! Most of the items are green-tea based, which is simply a heaven for green tea lovers like me. I love the Matcha Shiratama! Green tea matched with ice-cream is my comfort food, and it makes me so happy every single time I eat it. The Hoji-cha was also quite decent. The flavour of roasted green tea with a hint of toasted caramel was simply heavenly.

Their food is so good but I find their dinner prices a tad too expensive, so I recommend everyone to visit the place during lunch time when they're having their lunch promotion.

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green tea drinks and desserts
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Plaza Singapura
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(Updated: July 07, 2013)

Matcha Mania

Nana's is a must-try for matcha fanatics. The cafe serves a variety of matcha beverages and matcha-themed desserts. The beverages were good enough by most standards, thick and rich and with more than just a hint (as is the case with matcha beverages served elsewhere) of that delightful bittersweetness that is characteristic of matcha. Every sip of that addictive brew perfumes the palate with a floral sweetness, followed by a lingering, tannic aftertaste. But, costing between eight to ten dollars a cup (and not a very big cup at that), the beverages are generally quite pricey.

I would instead recommend their desserts, particularly the tall-glass varieties like their Matcha Shiratama Parfait (抹茶白玉パフェ) which, at thirteen or so dollars, I found a more reasonable thing to order. It comes in quite a huge portion too, and is good for sharing. The parfait is crowned with a scoop of matcha ice cream, two or three balls of mochi, a spiralling mound of whipped cream drizzled with what looks like matcha syrup, and a generous serving of red bean paste, which goes very well with all things matcha. Just below the toppings lies a bed of cornflakes, which is nothing amazing, but I guess it goes well with everything else and adds a bit of crunch. And below that -- vanilla ice cream and matcha-flavoured jelly. It was rather cumbersome to eat, given how many things went into that long, thing glass, and we had to dig deep to get some of the jelly but, other than that, we had no complaints and enjoyed every spoonful of it.

The mains were passable, so I would really only go for the desserts.

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Only there for the Matcha green tea !!

The lunch promotion they have is really crazy! It's like ordering a main course and getting a free matcha drink that is below $8.

The interior design is fabulous as well. Especially the lighting, the place instantly become more classy. The clever design of the tables which the sides stretches to the ceiling gives me more privacy when I am chatting with my friends.

The variety of food to choose from is really minimal but the matcha variety is really good. Mainly they have sashimi, don, rice and sushi. I expected more. The matcha green tea that they serve are really rich and creamy. The hot matcha green tea has a really strong green tea scent. Your may not be very use to the slight bitterness and overwhelming flavor of green tea at first, but you will yearn for your 2nd and 3rd sip. Trust me.

Soon it will become an addiction whereby you will start to crave for matcha green tea from time to time. And note the difference between matcha green tea and normal green tea. I think Nana only serves matcha green tea.

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Green Tea lover

I'm an absolute fan of green tea! I read a few reviews and decided to try out Nana's green tea at the new extension in Plaza Singapore. The cafe name says it all. It's more of a place to have desserts or a drink. They menu was 3/4 filled with green tea. Green tea float, latte, ice cream matched with the heavenly combination of Azuki beans or Mocchi.

I had the matcha float. It really outlived its shop name as the float was rich with green tea flavor. I think they used good quality matcha which reflects in the float. I would definitely recommend this to green tea lovers.

The staff must have drank lots of green tea because they were so energetic and were smiling all the time!

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Great for green tea lovers!

I've been intrigued by the several new restaurants at the new extension of Plaza Singapura. This shop especially caught my eye, because I have a knack for all things match/green tea. My favourite ice cream for a long time has been green tea, but not everywhere has it.

This cafe surprised me as it specialized in green tea desserts! After having lunch at Skinny Pizza just next door to Nana's Green Tea, we hopped over for our dessert. I wanted to just have green tea ice cream, but it was unavailable that day. My friends and I then shared a few different desserts like the green tea ice cream with red bean, Matcha Latte topped with vanilla ice cream, and a green tea parfait. They were all lovely! Party in my mouth! They all encompassed green tea elements, but each using it so differently, but yet they all tasted good. I will definitely come back here soon to try their food items and have some more green tea dessert!

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