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Cheng Hui
Listing created by Cheng Hui on February 15, 2013    

Established in 1966, Saboten is one of the largest Tonkatsu restaurant chain in Japan. At Saboten, only the finest chefs and freshest ingredients are used. WIth a team of dedicated chefs, our guests can be sure to enjoy the highest standard of authentic Japanese cuisines anywhere across the world.

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Weekdays Lunch: 11.30am-3pm, Dinner: 5.30-10.30pm; Others: 11.30am-10.30pm
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yes please!

Tonkatsu is one of my favourite things to eat at a Japanese restaurant/cafe.. second to udon and soba, that is. Unfortunately, it is really tough to find a Japanese restaurant which manages to serve high quality tonkatsu, which is just tender enough... until Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten appeared on the scene.

One bite of the pork cutlet and the succulent, juicy taste hits you, just right and tender, with not too much oil. Pair it with their homemade tonkatsu sauce, which you can grind by yourself, adding to the fun, and you are in heaven. I am not a sauce person, but I have to say, it was delicious indeed! There was also a gigantic mound of shredded, chilled cabbage for your consumption. Although I do not remember the price, it was worth it for such a scrumptious meal. (:

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(Updated: February 15, 2013)

A place for pork lovers.

It's hard to get a good, satisfying bowl of katsu-don anywhere, even in many Japanese restaurants, so thank Pork for Saboten.

The restaurant's offerings were certainly limited, but what few dishes they served, they certainly served them well. The pork slices were fat, moist, and succulent and, for once, I was glad that I was not chewing on a piece of cardboard, which is typical of katsu-don almost everywhere. I also liked that the pork was not just moist and meaty but also light and crispy on the outside, which I think had to do with their special (or so I was told) coating of breadcrumbs. It was not a dense, flour-like coating but a fine and light one that crumbled at the very touch of your teeth.

I have no particular recommendations as far as the pork dishes are concerned, as I think the quality of the pork is quite consistent across them, and what would be best for you, be it a normal rice-bowl or curry rice, is a matter of personal taste.

I also like that they don't skimp on vegetables as many Japanese restaurants seem to like to do when serving meat- or rice-themed dishes. In fact, the restaurant serves a massive bowl of raw, shredded cabbage, which they will gladly replenish for free upon request. The cabbage is rather plain eaten on its own, so I'd recommend dipping them in one of the sauces at the side of the table (though, if you have a less-than-adventurous palate, I would instead recommend that you stay away from the sauces, as some of them have very strong flavours). Or better, you could mix them in curry if you happen to get yourself a plate of curry rice.

While I am satisfied with the taste and portions, generally, I think the meat-to-rice ratio isn't ideal, as I tend to get way too much rice. Price-wise, while I am definitely paying for quality food, I also think that I am paying a tad too much, even given the quality of the food.

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Artery Clogging Bliss.

Sometimes, there are days when you'd feel like just stuffing your face with carbs and fried food. Look no further. There is something oddly satisfying in eating fried food with free flow of rice.

Admittedly, there are some places with Tonkatsu better than Saboten, however, for the sheer value that Saboten offers, there is no comparison. Rice and miso soup are refillable, along with the cabbage, should you feel the need to cabbage away all those guilty feelings of defiling your body's temple.

At Saboten, instead of just coating the pork cutlet with bread, a loin cut is used. A strip of fat is left on purpose when the meat is prepared. This, is their secret to keeping the meat moist. Imagine the crispy panko(bread coating) along with juicy meat coming together in your mouth. Level up the taste with their special sauce. The mild vinegar in it excites your taste buds, stimulating them even further. It is a taste that makes one forget the calories.

They provide two different dressings for the cabbage. A special sesame or the Wafu dressing. I personally prefer the sesame dressing due to its fragrance.

The service at their PARCO Marina Bay Branch is very good. The staff are ever ready to provide which ever top-ups that I required and it was so good that I forgot for a moment that I was in Singapore. Yet, an incident that etched a deep bad impression occurred. The staff turned away a potential customer at 2.27pm, despite the last order being at 2.30pm. I understand the need for the staff to take a well deserved rest, but they could have accommodated the poor customer and satisfied her craving.

Back to the treadmill.

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PARCO Marina Bay
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