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Felicia Yeow
Listing created by Felicia Yeow on December 30, 2012    

Looking for tasty Japanese food at affordable prices? Ishi Mura Express serves up value-for-money Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi, donburi, omu rice, hearty bento sets and ramen.

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11.30am to 9.30pm
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< $10

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All in one!

I pretty much like this place, and have visited it once or twice. I remember the last time i went there, i felt like i was in a buffet place, with all the large variety of japanese food around me. Sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, the smells were oh so tempting. We couldn't wait to grab a seat and start some furious ordering.

We all went to order food to share, and when we came back and assembled the food, poof. We could feed a family of 6. Too much food, it seemed. All typed of japanese to feed whatever cravings. We left the place very satisfied. Moreover the food tasted pretty authentic to me and weren't charged exorbitantly which was one plus point.

Definitely deserves a return visit.

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Great value-for-money bentos

The Ishi Mura Express at Jurong Safra has extremely few customers, not because the food is horrible or expensive, but because of the combination of the fact that it is in Safra (where human traffic is relatively low) as well as its location, which is right next to Sakura International Buffet. Most people would take one take at the two and head straight into Sakura International Buffet, due to its more impressive decor, the fact that there are waiters and waitresses ushering customers inside, as well as its reputation.

Opting for a more economic fare, my family headed into Ishi Mura Express. There were only about five other customers in there, the interior design of the shop was lousy (You could see the buffet spread next door through a huge glass panel; as if the shop WANTED customers to go next door), and the staff looked bored to death. However, once you try the food, none of that matters anymore.

The way one orders food is the same as in a food court, and the food on the menu comes in sets, same as the Japanese cuisine stall in a food court. I ordered the teriyaki chicken bento ($6), and it was the most value-for-money Japanese food I've tasted. There was a heap of rice, a slice of cold watermelon, soft and silky chawanmushi, something that looked like green vermicilli (I forgot the name), and teriyaki chicken (with crispy skin and an aroma as if it was grilled) DROWNED in gravy.

There was also a selection of ala carte sushi next to the counter at affordable prices, and they also sell Hokkaido ice-cream.

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The food
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