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177 River Valley Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 30, 2012    

this place serves an extensive menu of japanese cuisine. Their cakes are a delight to the taste buds too! 

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Light and fluffy cakes

Tampopo Deli is a Japanese patisserie that specializes in cakes and cream puffs - the Jap way. We all know how crazy yummy the food at Tampopo is right? This patisserie under the same brand does not disappoint either. They make cakes that you cannot get outside easily. I got myself a green tea (matcha) chiffon cake to try and dare I say this, it is the BEST chiffon cake that I have ever tasted, not even kidding. I have had average and bad chiffon cakes, also had some good ones but nothing come close to this. Man, the Japanese can not only do ramen but also make cakes that are so yummy!

The chiffon cake was superbly light on the palate and was so moist. Moisture is very important in a chiffon cake but dry cakes are an absolute turn-off. The matcha taste was authentic. There was a tinge of bitterness, which is what it should be. Some green tea cakes taste only of sweetness but this cake does not. I really enjoyed the cake! I saw some unique Japanese sweets such as chestnut puffs and the cream puffs which looked enticing and full. I will be sure to come back here the next time!

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I usually drop by Tampopo Deli if I'm near Liang Court to purchase their milk pudding, which was first introduced to me by my brother.

Packed in threes and sixes onwards, with a pack of 6 being the most worth it, the milk pudding is individually packed and comes with a small packet/container of caramel syrup which you pour over the pudding. I'm not usually one for caramel as it is way too sweet, but the mixture of caramel with the milk pudding is just right amount of sweet :3 delicious. The pudding is so soft and bouncy, and slides down your throat, leaving the sweet taste of caramel hanging around your taste buds. And before you know it, you're reaching for another spoon... until the container's finished. ):

Next time when I'm back at liang court, I'm going to try their cakes and cream puffs. They are so sinful yet so delicious.

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