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207 River Valley Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 30, 2012    

Founded in 1985 in Japan’s ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara this restaurant serves up authentic japanese ramen. Other new and upcoming ventures include Ippudo TAO, Ippudo HK and Ippudo Seoul.

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Good soup base!

I agree with the previous reviews, the soup base was to die for!

However, the ramen noodles could have been done better. Personally, I would have preferred my noodles to be a little more al dente. I even opted for hard noodles and it was still not chewy enough for my liking.

Overall, I'll recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a decent ramen restaurant, especially if you love soup with a lot of flavour with your ramen.

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Cold Soba

Situated in Mandarin Gallery which is usually quite quiet, this place gives off an air of elegance. Whilst queueing outside this shop, I was met with friendly staff members who were more than happy to help.

When I first stepped into this place, I had never heard of this restaurant and had low expectations for the food they were serving. In fact, I actually scoffed at how this was just "one of the many" Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Boy, was I wrong. My best eating experience in this place was the alcoholic mix that barely tasted like alcohol. Being repulsed by alcohol this beverage really surprised me. The drinks were served with the cold soba that was tingling with coldness that went well with the drinks.

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Addictive soup, okay noodles

This is one ramen restaurant that always sports queues. I queued for approximately 45 minutes before I got a seat inside. The interior is really small, hence the long queues! My friends and I all ordered the same pork based ramen and chose normal hardness for the ramen. We also ordered wagyu beef steak as a side dish. It took them no more than 10 minutes to prepare and serve the ramen! Very fast and efficient. It was also an open concept kitchen where you could see the chefs being hard at work. The pork broth was so flavorful, sweet and rich. I felt that the noodles were average though. Definitely better than Ajisen but I was expecting better noodles. I ordered normal doneness but it was still too hard for my liking. The wagyu beef steak was nice, albeit small. The meat was nicely cooked and it was still sizzling when served!!

It can get a little uncomfortable when eating as the people waiting at the queue outside can peer in and look at you eating. It makes you feel pressured to eat faster and it's just weird for people to look at someone else eating. I would suggest a blind or curtain of some sort to cover the glass panels for the diners' comfort. At peak periods, you might have to share seats with strangers. We shared a table with 2 other people and it can get a little awkward because the strangers are seated so near you. It makes talking hard as well. Maybe I'm just a shy person? I think the ramen is alright, but I wouldn't queue 45 minutes for it again. I would recommend this ramen place to people who are lovers of pork based broths, slightly harder noodles and of course, if you don't mind people looking at you while eating. :P

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No ramen place beats this.

This place has the best ramen! The ambiance feels very Japanese with bamboo binds covering the entrance. There's always a queue when i go there. Expect to wait at least half an hour if you're eating there for dinner. The soup base is fantastically rich. They must have boiled pork bones or something in the soup for a night as the soup was just oozing with pork flavor. If you're not a pork lover then this won't be the best place for us as 90% of their dishes are pork.

What I love most about this place is their fresh garlic! If you ask for garlic, they will give you a bowl of garlic and a garlic presser to squeeze your own garlic. For those who have yet to try, you would be surprised how heavenly garlic and pork ramen match together. Most places don't offer fresh garlic. They are usually fried or not available at all.

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Great soup base

What makes a good ramen, is its soup base. The soup has to be flavorful yet not too salty. Having noodles which have good texture are a bonus. At Ippudo, the soup for the ramen is super super tasty. It is not too overpowering and the noodles is springy and absorbs the flavor of the soup very well.

I cannot remember what is the name of the ramen I always order but its soup base is made of pork bone, garlic and chili. For those who don't take spicy food, there is always the safest option of cha shu ramen, which is equally good too. The cha shu is not too fat yet soft and tender. The soup base is slightly more bland as compared to the spicy soup base but still delicious.

Definitely one of my favorite japanese ramen restaurant!

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