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#B1-48, Yew Tee Point 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6 Singapore 689578
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 19, 2012    

Fresh sushi available daily, hand rolled and at affordable prices.

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08:30 - 22:00
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Sushi for the easily satisfied

Whenever I crave for some sushi, it’s usually only for its yummy, vinegar rice - which is why I’m perfectly happy getting my sushi fix at take-away kiosks such as Sushi Deli.

What I love most about Sushi Deli is the fact that they sell onigiri as well, at a reasonable and affordable price of $2! I often grabbed a Salmon Mayo Onigiri right before my night sport trainings, as it is light but still sufficiently filling. The sushi rice is just the right amount of sour, and so yummy! It has a taste that I find myself wanting to revisit time and again.

I’m not well-versed in the Japanese cuisine department, and am the kind of person who is contented with satisfying my ramen cravings at Ajisen (what an atrocity!). But everyone would need a quick sushi fix from time to time, and Sushi Deli is the place to go.

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(Updated: May 09, 2014)

Affordable but not mediocre quality

Sushi deli is a sushi place that sells affordable sushi. It's a similar concept to Umi Sushi. They have don't have a big variety of sushi here but if you're looking for the usual tamago/ crabstick/ salmon sushi then yes they do have it. I tried a tamago sushi and salmon sushi and while they are indeed very affordable as compared to Japanese restaurants, the quality of the sushi is sadly reflected in the price as well. The rice is hard, not chewy and it broke apart when I bite into it. The seaweed was also limp and soggy, maybe because the sushi had been left there for a long time.

The tamago was overly sweet, thin and hard... and coupled with the hard rice and soggy seaweed, I now think that even the cheap price does not make up for such bad food. The salmon sushi was really bad... the salmon slice was fishy and thin. Upon closer inspection, the corners looked a little dark and black lol I really don't want to think what's that. Maybe oxidization? I wouldn't recommend this place for a quick sushi fix unless you are not particular about your sushi quality but even so, at this price, I believe you can get better sushi at Umi Sushi or other sushi outlets.

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Healthy and convenient

I like to eat sushi because it's a lot healthier than other alternatives and restaurants.
My favorite here is the black pepper crab, which is quite mild but absolutely delicious! The salmon sushi are not that fresh but they are quite edible for when you're hungry. I like the one where it's wrapped around the rice and there's some mayonnaise in it, although it's definitely not healthy! Great thing about sushi when you scarf them down is that they are very filling

Their sushi may not be the freshest (some more unpopular ones are left on the counter for quite long), it is convenient and definitely suitable for those on-the-go types.

Don't expect too much though

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Best Part:
Sitting on some kerb and eating sushi while others stare at you
Branch Location:
Choa Chu Kang
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On-the-go sushi but not the best

I'm a 100% of salmon, especially salmon sashimi! The goodness in them is just simply perfect as you savor every bit of freshness. To see whether a shop is selling fresh sushi, we should first check out their sashimi. Sushi Deli sure does provide sushi on the go and I like that, however, I hav to admit that their sushi are not entirely fresh. To mask the unfreshness, some outlets actually tried to use wasabi powder and this made the sushi taste very wasabi-y and I could hardly taste the sashimi inside. I would strongly advise not to purchase their sashimi or sushi with raw sashimi in them for you would not be able to taste the freshness you could get from a takeaway corner at ichiban at the same price.

As for other sushi sucbessie crabmeat or egg, they still tasted pretty normal and if you are really hungry, maybe you could just go for these? Just mind that the rice may be a little harder than usual as it is likely they have kept their sushi for a period of time in the fridge. This is just according to my personal experience!

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Convenient sushi, albeit not the freshest

Maybe it's because I've been eating Sakae Sushi and Ichiban Boshi too much, but suddenly Sushi Deli seems to be dropping heavily in sashimi standards.

I have been a fan of salmon sashimi for 2 months straight now and I have always settled my craving at Sushi Deli. It's really capable, it tastes heavenly when bathed in soya sauce and I like their peach tea.

But then I started visiting sushi restaurants. I was just done with Sakae a few days back and was still hungry but we've left, so we hopped down to the Sushi Deli and bought 2 packs. Maybe it's because we walked around for about 15 minutes and it grew impatient with us not eating it, but it tasted terrible. I ate one and left the rest to a rubbish death.

Man I can't them the same way again.

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Tiong Bahru Plaza
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