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#B1-K16, Lot One Shopper's Mall 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 Singapore 689812
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 28, 2012    

Edo Sushi is a sushi kiosk located in the basement of most shopping malls. 

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10AM - 9PM
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Japanese fast food

I'm always tempted to buy at EDO's, although each time the taste of the sushi falls below expectation. Like many would know, they are not extremely fresh, but it's always for convenience sake that I would pick a couple of sushi from them.
I will give them credit for their layout though. Sections and sections of sushi never fails to tempt, although the logical part of me knows better than to buy the raw ones.

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Cheap and Tasty!

I have always found EDO sushi to be one of the cheapest sushi kiosks around. Not only that, they have the range of items that I always want, which is the shellfish and jellyfish topped nigiri. Although their items may not be 100% fresh all the time as they are selling seafood items, I feel that so far I have been lucky with my purchases.

They also give you tiny soya sauce in packets which you can enjoy with your sushi easily as the packaging is so thin, the sauce will not just spill out when you open it and lean it against the side of the container. Great for a quick on-the-move snack!

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My new found love

I have recently been introduced to the magic of sushi via Sake Sushi after 19 years of my life and I have since fell in the deep end of love for salmon sashimi.

Thank god for little outlets like Edo Sushi. Lot 1 has a branch of Edo Sushi and I've always walked past it, never pausing for a second look. Now it's my every salvation.

Edo Sushi stocks a lot of cute little sushi in their bright red air conditioned display. I have personally never tasted anything else but salmon sashimi but everything here is sushi, so I tried it and it tastes like love. I tried squid and tamago but it's nothing too heavenly. Nothing that a spam of soy sauce can't save though so ask for extra packets.

It is no competition to Sakae's perfect salmon sashimi but it's pretty damn good. Plus after 9pm they go on a self-destructive sale and sell everything at half off. I will blame my nightly feasts on Edo Sushi.

Try their impressive array of sushi here and for all bad experiences, soy sauce is a legit back up plan.

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Choa Chu Kang
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