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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

A Halal Japanese restaurant offering affordable New Age Japanese Cuisine with a twist. There are more than 25 types of Ramen in the menu and created "Dry Ramen".

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11:30am - 10pm
List of Outlets:
Ramen Ten Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #01-22 Far East Plaza,
Singapore 228213

Ramen Ten Clementi CityVibe
3151 Commonwealth Ave West, #02-05 Clementi CityVibe,
Singapore 129581
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The sushi is really bad

The ramen and main dishes are passable, but nothing fantastic. I really wonder how Ramen Ten gets its crowd of hungry customers everyday. Their sushi is REALLY REALLY bad. The toppings do not taste fresh, and the rice is just....... weird. The rice tastes a little watery, has a little sour taste to it and just tastes weird. Eating just one piece of sushi can make you lose your entire appetite, or at least that's what happened to me.

The sushi is pretty expensive too, and I do not see how they set the price ssince the quality of the food is really bad. It was not on just occasion - I went there multiple times harbouring the hope of getting quality or better sushi every single time, but I leave disappointed every time.

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Not Good

Dined at Ramen Ten at the Clementi Branch just the other day. Staff were very friendly and welcomed us quite enthusiastically. Although it is a Japanese restaurant, there wasn’t much of the right ambience because of the latest American Hits blasting on the radio.

I ordered the Spicy Clam Ramen and my friend had the Spicy Soup with chicken Ramen. The noodle was slightly tough, not cooked all the way through. The chilli in my soup was WAY too overpowering and I couldn’t taste anything because my mouth was just on fire the whole time! Luckily we brought water because you have to pay for mineral water as they do not serve ice water like other restaurants do. Sushi was not good either. Overall quite an unsatisfactory experience!

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No, not ten. It's only worth five out of ten.

Ramen Ten does not really live up to that kind of standard, if you're a ramen lover. To me, there is really nothing so special about their noodles. It gives me a feeling that it is catered more for students who would visit due to budget constraints. Definitely not for the best ramen.

Perhaps the only 2 dishes I would recommend will be the Lala Spicy Ramen and Beef Ramen. I liked the tasty spicy soup base, which I found appetizing. For the Beef Ramen, I like the milky seafood soup base, topped with well-marinated beef which didn't taste too chewy. It was a quite an interesting taste, I must say.

Not a fantastic place for quality ramen. There are definitely much better options around.

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Cheaper alternative for Ajisen Ramen

I've been to Ramen Ten quite a few times and I must say that I am pretty satisfied with their service as well as food. The Teriyaki Beef Ramen is really tasty since the teriyaki sauce mixes really well with the ramen soup to give a richer taste. There is even dry ramen which I found really unique. I've yet to try it though, but I definitely will once I get over my craving for the teriyaki beef ramen!

There is also sushi for 99cents if you sit at the sushi bar counter which I find really worth it as you are also able to buy your own separate meal yet enjoy the 99cents sushi. What I love about Ramen Ten is also that it sells one of my favourite Corn Mayo Sushi which I can hardly find at other sushi restaurants, so that's an added bonus for me. Best of all, the food at Ramen Ten are relatively affordable compared to other japanese restaurants like Ajisen Ramen or Sushi Tei, yet the quality of food isn't much lacking.

So if you're looking for a better way to spend your money of Japanese food, Ramen Ten would be most suitable.

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Enjoy Japanese Food on a Budget

My first impression of Ramen Ten is that it is a lesser version of Ajisen Ramen and Sakae Sushi. However I was wrong. This place is a halal restaurant where our Muslim friends can go and taste the wonderful Japanese food they serve. This place will get crowded during meal times but the wait is not long. While waiting, the staff offered us drinks while we stood outside and wait for a vacant table. The place is kind of cramped as our table is very near to the other patrons.

The food is on the same level as Ajisen and Sake Sushi I must say. I tried their Teriyaki Salmon Dry Ramen with Prawn Mayo which is recommended by their staff. Its value is justified by the large serving of Salmon and the ramen itself is spicy enough for my liking.

Though the dining experience wasn't too great, but I think I'll go back once again at least to try out the soup ramen.

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