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Hawaiian Kitchen Aloha Ma Maison

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#01-12 Bugis + 201 Victoria Street Singapore 188067
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Listing created by Strome on October 10, 2012    

A Japanese restaurant that promises to bring the taste of Hawaii through its cuisine.

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Great ambience!

Initially, upon hearing the name of this restaurant, I taught they were going to serve some Hawaiian food but nope, it is actually a Japanese restaurant with a Hawaii theme! Step into the restaurant and you will see open-concept counters, straw "huts", hawaiian images and posters on the wall etc. The whole color theme of the restaurant was also very in-sync. You could tell that they have spent an enormous effort into creating the perfect ambience and theme. The "huts" felt a little kampong-ish though hahaha.

As I already had lunch, I was looking for desserts to eat. I immediately chose the fruits pancake with whipped cream (optional) to share with my friend. The pancake did not take too long to arrive and was served by a smiling staff. The pancake was served with a generous amount of assorted diced fruits resting on three fluffy pancakes and a dollop of whipped cream. What I liked about the pancakes was that it was moist and fluffy and not "gelat" (overwhelming). It was the perfect partner for the diced fruits, which were sweet and cut to the right size. I really enjoyed this dessert and although it is pricey at $13.80++, I would definitely be back for a lazy afternoon. Next time, I would be sure to try their mains because the place looks really promising :)

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(Updated: February 09, 2013)

A very happy tear was shed.

My mother was the first person who brought me here; claiming that the spaghetti with beef was to die for, and that everyone she dines with always orders that.

First of all, I’ve always had this notion that we should just leave the pasta to the Italians. I mean pasta is something they have been doing for hundreds of years so really, why would you want to mess around with them? Second of all, I’ve never been a big fan of fusion food (they can go so wrong).

After the trip to Ma Maison, I took back my words. The spaghetti with beef is in fact, to die for. The beef was cooked perfectly, and it went so well with the spaghetti and sauce. I don’t know what sauce it is, I think it could be Miso, and I’ve tried searching for it online but to no avail. Doesn’t matter though, all that you need to know is that you wont regret trying it. I really liked the miso soup as well, served with a lot of onions. I, for the first time in a long time didn’t feel the need to drink some water after drinking their miso soup.

On my next trip, I brought my Japanese friend along and she loved the place as well! Not only was the food good, she said that the ambience was very authentic as well, and she felt like she was brought back to Japan. Mind you, this is a Japanese Western fusion restaurant so the ambience was more to the western side. It’s very homey dining there, and I find myself thinking about Ma Maison way too often for my own good.

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On my first visit to Ma Maison, they definitely managed to impress me - and I can be sure I'll be back again to patronise this restaurant.

I ordered the Seafood Cream Spaghetti, and it was one of the best seafood spaghettis I had ever tried. The thickness of the sauce was just right, and they were very generous with the portions - it did make me quite full, but too full that I felt bloated. The best word to describe the pasta would be tasty, simply tasty.

Their selection of dessert is quite limited since they only have tarts but the tarts are an absolute must-try. The strawberry tart was delicious, though the strawberries weren't sweet enough. The tart was crumbly and sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, and left me feeling slightly sad when I finished it.

Their service is also praise-worthy; the food was served quite quickly and the staff were friendly and efficient. Ma Maison definitely left a deep impression on me.

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