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#02-113 E!hub @ Downtown East 1 Pasir Ris Close Singapore
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"Yumen", means superior noodles in Japanese. The noodles used in the dishes at Yumen Hut are made without preservatives and artificial flavouring nor colouring, which makes it a healthier choice. This small noodle house specialises in two-ply noodles which is a unique blend of two flavours that are made of 100% vegetable extract.

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Decent, but nothing special

Located near my house, when I saw this small eatery, I decided to give it a try. It had the coffee shop feel and the prices were reasonably cheap too. A bowl of noodles would cost around $3/4.

On my first visit there, I ordered a bowl of Zha Jiang Noodles. To be honest, I was really disappointed with its taste. It wasn't as flavourful as I had expected. In fact, it was almost as if I was eating noodles with plain water.

The second time I went there with my friends, they were raving and praising about how good it was .Thus I decided to give it a go. This time, under the recommendation of my friend, I ordered a bowl of crispy egg noodles. To my surprise, it tasted pretty decent. Not fantastic but decent. The prawns were fresh, noodles crispy and its chicken meat cooked well. The only thing that prevented it from being fantastic was its gravy/sauce. Once again, for me, it was too bland. It just felt like any normal 'zi char' crispy noodles.

Overall, I feel that it is a decent eatery. It has variety and affordable prices, but just not the exotic , super nice restaurants that foodies are looking for.

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Looking forward to visit again!

When I first saw Yumen Hut, I failed to understand why it was so crowded. It didn't look inviting at first but when I tried the food, it left a good impression of the place. Even though it was always full, the waiter has never ignored the people standing outside the store, who were waiting to be seated. They will always try to make arrangements and move the tables and chairs around so you could have a place to sit. They are also very spontaneous and fast.

While waiting for your food, they will serve you some veggie crisp for you to munch on. It's really yummy! The food served is always really hot. Initially, I was skeptical about trying the noodles because they look like the normal instant noodles. But I learnt that it's actually a "Healthier Choice" by the Health Promotion Board. The tom yam japanese ramen($4.50) was beyond my expectation. It was almost impeccable and you can't even taste any MSG inside the soup. I felt like I was on cloud nine as I devoured my meal. The ban mian seafood($4.50) is also quite popular there - heard a few people ordering it, including my friend. We also tried the crispy chicken($3) and fried crab claw($3). Although they were fried, the oil was drained out really well. The sauce that came along with it, tasted like a blend garlic and chili which really complimented the side dishes. I would recommend trying the Roselle drink or the Aloe Vera juice. The sugar level was perfect.

I really look forward to visiting this eatery again to try out more of their dishes. Be sure to inform them if you're a student because they will give some discount!

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Tom Yam Japanese Ramen
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