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36 Purvis St Singapore 188613
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

Located along the trendy Purvis Street, Garibaldi provides a fine example of a stylish Italian eatery –modern, elegant yet friendly and dynamic. The menu emphasizes authentic Italian cuisine prepared with the best ingredients imported directly from Italy. The elegant bar offers a great selection of wines by the glass and excellent cocktails; it is the perfect setting for social gatherings and events.

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(Updated: May 07, 2013)

A gastronomic experience!

We actually came here shortly after reading Seth's review, during restaurant week. My partner was eying the fully booked 'restaurant week' booking page every day. Somehow, someone pulled out at the last minute and a lunch spot opened up over the weekend at Garibaldi which she instantly reserved!

We came on time and were assigned to the waiting area for just a few minutes. During which I amused myself with Seth's review one more time because it was just so hilarious. Anyway, it was my first time there and I was quite surprised at how big the inside of the restaurant was. It looks like it stretches over three shop houses. The decor was a bit too 'classic' for my liking. They offered us "Sparkling" or "Still" water. Silly me straight away went with the "Sparkling" water and along with it went $9! Opps! The set menu had 2 different options for each course, so we opted to try one of each to get a thorough feel of their food.

For our starters I had the pumpkin soup which came infused with a dollop of truffled Mascarpone (Italian cheese). Being a soup person, this was especially delightful and easily the best pumpkin soup I had ever had. The salmon starter was fantastic too, being mixed with Avocado and Mozzarella cheese. Halfway through eating I felt a small piece of plastic in my mouth, which I later learned came from the cheese warping. It kinda ruined the mood for awhile and I informed the waitress to let the kitchen staff know so they could be more careful. A dashing restaurant manager appeared out of nowhere and became our service for the rest of the night. He kept apologizing was very sincere about it. I guess I would be mad if the food was bad, but I was very happy with the quality of food so far so we just pretended it never happened.

My partner's main course was Piedmont styled Rocket Pesto and prawns (Green pasta). Again, a whole bunch of unique flavours exploded in my mouth. My main course the Pan Roasted Italian Red Drum (Fish) was sublime. The insides were perfectly marinated and tender and it went with the deliciously crispy skin. They just seem to be able to make dishes a notch above the typical 5 star hotel / restaurant food. Their dishes use typical main ingredients but they're interpreted so uniquely with subtle touches of brilliance that elevates an otherwise normal meal elsewhere into a gastronomic experience here.

I found the chocolate mousse dessert to be just average though. The final bill came down to $110 for two after GST, quite pricey for lunch but hey, it was the best meal we've had in a while... I guess the last time I had such a good meal was at SKIRT @ W hotel. If not for the plastic incident I would have given them 5 stars. My partner remarked that their regular lunch prices aren't much different from their 'restaurant week' prices so do take note of that! The course items may be different though.

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the mains
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purvis street
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(Updated: September 15, 2013)

Don't order in Italian.

Visited Garibaldi restaurant during restaurant week 2013 for some delightful Italian hospitality.

You see a substantial crowd of Europeans and expats patronizing this establishment, seeming mildly overwhelming. Especially when you gaze upon the actual menu prices. Nonetheless, restaurant week gives you the privilege of dining a 3-course set menu at $55++, significantly lesser than what you would normally spend there.

We got the sommelier to introduce us a red wine which resulted in the Amarone della Valpolicella. Medium bodied, mellow and not as dry. This was a crowd pleaser.

After selecting our menu choices, we were served free flow toasted foccacia with olive oil, whereby the servers studiously refilled our bread dish when it was empty. This is a way underrated bread they serve, although just an appetizer. Crispy outside, soft and moist inside, the bread compliments adequately with the extra virgin olive oil. Lovely.

For starters, the Thick mushroom soup with soft boiled egg and truffled taleggio cheese fondue. Making an attempt to order this in Italian was clearly not my cleverest moment. Anyway, it was an smooth mushroom soup with the scent of truffles and cheese fondue. The soft boiled egg, an uncommon sight in cream soups, also added to the creaminess of the soup while having it's heavy raw 'eggy' taste blended beautifully by the truffle, cheese and mushroom.

For mains, aglio olio spaghetti pasta which was not quite al dente, being just a minute away from being firm to the bite. This was a shocking mistake for a Italian establishment of this standard. Scallops on the other hand, were grilled evenly and was very fresh, but my next gripe is the grey mullet roe. Not all the roe were thinly cut, thus sticking like a overly attached girlfriend to my teeth and gums on occasion.

The Grilled Black Angus Beef "Tagliata" with Porcini mushroom and Asparagus for my date. I got the Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Hokkaido Scallop and Dried Grey Mullet Roe. Steak was nicely marbled and juicy as well as easy to consume with the sliced, rare style that is "Tagliata". The mushroom flavour was too subtle though and could have easily been any brown roux sauce.

For Desserts.chocolate tarte with mascarpone (cheese) orange cream and orange compote. Looking at the chocolate surface, I was expecting it to be a solid piece of chocolate. Surprisingly, after I forked the surface cacao started oozing out precariously. I love mascarpone cream cheese and would probably eat it with chicken rice and still find it appetizing. Needless to say, paired with the chocolate tarte and orange jam compote this was like angels dancing on my tongue.

Superb hospitality, although a let down on the spaghetti pasta, an Italian staple they should have been very familiar with.

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the hospitality
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Purvis st
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If you are a person who enjoys fine dining, this is most definitely the place for you. I was here to try one of the set lunches on a weekday, it was indeed one of the meals I will never forget. Foie gras here is most certainly a must try and the service here is fantastic. The staff ensure that you are well taken care off and even the chefs do step out to show you the latest fresh food they have to offer.

The set lunch is also rather reasonable, considering how well and high quality the food is. Maybe if you are on a tight budget, it's best to stick to the set lunch alone. Otherwise, selecting from the wide array of food available coupled with a glass of champagne would really bring fine dining to a whole new level.

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