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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

Headed by Executive Chef Valentino and assisted by his mother, Alma, in the kitchen and father, Gianpiero, and brother-in-law, Alberto, at the dining area, this Ristorante takes pride in serving authentic Italian cuisine in the most Italian way. The restaurant in Bukit Timah is furbished very much like an Italian home to create a relaxing and cosy ambience for their customers and you can find a large variety of antipasto, pizza and pasta on the menu. Other than the ‘must-try’ special thin crust pizza that tastes exactly like those from Italy, the Executive Chef brings in fresh seafood from Italy so be sure to check for the special of the day!

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Impeccable service

The place has moved to Turf City

Located at the corner of the south grandstand, Valentino's is a little hard to find from inside the building. Since they're at the corner, they have an alfresco dining area, although for lunch everyone was seated inside. Almost immediately an impeccably dressed waiter took us to our tables and seated us down. Throughout the meal, the waiter made his presence felt but not imposing. He was there when we wanted him there and away when we didn't.

They served ciabatta bread and a dip with it. The dip was perfect: anchovies, garlic, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar, if I recall correctly. Just the right amount of saltiness to make the warm bread even tastier. I recommend the Squid Ink Fettucine with crabmeat as well. The portions for that was laughable, but the richness of the sauce made us full even though there was very little pasta. The crabmeat came in jumbo lumps and the brinyness of the fettucine complemented the tomato sauce well. The lamb shank was done very well as well. The meat was so tender it just fell right off the bone when prodded with a fork.

The place is not cheap, but for this kind of food and service, I'd gladly pay to come again.

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Perfect food at a perfect restaurant!

Ristorante de Valentino presents an authentic and exquisite italian cuisine which located in a cozy corner of shoplots in the quiet neighbournood area of Jalan Bingka. Away from the hustling bustling of the city area, the location of the restaurant is definately a challenge to some. With a traditional italian settings, my first visit to the restaurant has been a pleasant one, with polite and friendly staff serving and attending to every of the customers' requests. The restaurant serves a variety of Italian cuisine, from risotto, pasta, steak, pizza and etc. If the appetisers and main course are not enough to satisfy your taste buds, they serves a wide variety of cakes and pastry which are superbly tasty. As the space of the dining area is not very spacious, the environment is suitable for a private functions, small birthday parties and even a romantic night out. Public buses are easily accesible with 5 - 7 mins walk from the restaurant to the main road where the bus stop is at. As weekends and Peak season can be crowded, so do make your reservation early! Overall, I have a great dining experience and would definately recommend anyone who appreciate good food.

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Grilled Lamb Rack with Rosemary
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