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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 19, 2012    

Headed by Executive Chef Valentino and assisted by his mother, Alma, in the kitchen and father, Gianpiero, and brother-in-law, Alberto, at the dining area, this Ristorante takes pride in serving authentic Italian cuisine in the most Italian way. 

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A Hearty and Rustic Italian Treat

Whenever I visit Valentino’s, it always feels like I’m back in Tuscany. The warm, bluesy Italian jazz weaves itself throughout the restaurant and adequately complements the spacious homely setting of the restaurant’s new location at Turf City.

They have recently begun offering a buffet lunch selection for $45++ per pax and the wide selection pleased my half-empty stomach very much. As this was a buffet spread, portions were intentionally smaller to allow customers to sample a variety of dishes.

If I had to pick favourites, they would have to be the decadent Squid Ink Fettucine with Crabmeat Sauce and Fresh Sole basked in a glorious lemon butter gravy. As for dessert, it is absolutely one’s life goal to try Chef Perla’s fluffy Tiramisu. For such an authentic and hospitable experience, it is unsurprising that such a steep price is attached to it. Still, this is a great place to sit back and treat yourself to a slice of the Tuscan countryside in cosmopolitan Singapore.

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Cosy family-run Italian restaurant

Ever since my family and I discovered Ristorante Da Valentino in 2005, the hospitality of the owners and the delectable Italian food has kept us coming back for more. The restaurant is staffed by the members of an Italian family - from the waiters to the chefs and bakers, who are all very warm and friendly and make you feel like you’re their cousin twice removed returning home.

Every time I leave the restaurant, it’s with a full tummy from stuffing myself with my favourite Squid Ink Fettucine with Crabmeat in Creamy Tomato Sauce. The Squid Ink Fettucine is simmered in a rich creamy sauce and is topped off with chunks of juicy crabmeat - my idea of the perfect main course. I normally finish off my meal with the mixed berries tart baked by the head chef’s sister Perla, a buttery shortbread crust is filled with thick custard and topped off with different berries such as blackberries and raspberries.

I’ve been to Italy before and I can safely say that the food here is up to par, if not better than most of the restaurants I ate at during my 3 week stay there.

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Great Italian hospitality and cuisine

What sets this restaurant apart from others (e.g. Modesto's, Jamie's Italian) would be the signature Italian hospitality. The family played great hosts and were enthusiastic about interacting with diners - something we hardly see in the local service industry. Their warm welcome, accompanied by the homely decor and furnishing, created a cosy ambience. It was as if we were dining in the home of a friendly Italian neighbor!

When ordering, ask for recommendations that aren't listed on the menu - you'd be pleasantly surprised! I had the Sauteed Mushrooms and Squid Ink Pasta with Crab Meat, while my partner had the steak. The dishes were some of the best Italian fare we ever had, so it's hard to pick out a favorite.

There is no lack of Italian restaurants in Singapore, but if I were to recommend one for a special occasion, it would be Ristorante Da Valentino without a doubt. It's the place to go for a complete Italian dining experience.

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Authentic Italian Restaurant

I lived in Italy for a year in 2013. After I'm back in Singapore, I couldn't find any Italian eateries or restaurants that serve Italian food as tasty as what I had eaten in Italy, until I found Ristorante Da Valentino.

The ambience, the decoration do have the Italian feel, even the toilet is nicely decorated! I have high hopes once I stepped into this restaurant, and the food did not fail us! The food was superb!

We ordered the buffalo mozzarella cheese with cherry tomatoes and rucola (rucola is rocket in Italian) as appetizer, squid ink pasta with chunks of crab meat in creamy tomato sauce and beef steak as main courses. All these dishes tasted exactly like those that we had in Italy! The beef steak was so tender and juicy, the mozzarella cheese was so yummy, the cherry tomatoes were so sweet, the creamy tomato sauce of the squid ink pasta was great!

If I had to pick what's not so good about this place, it has got to be the price of this meal.

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A very classy restaurant indeed. First thoughts upon entering the restaurant: “OMG, LOOK AT THIS PLACE. Look at the lights! Am I dressed well enough? Should I have worn my heels instead? Should I be speaking in perfect English; perhaps sip from a tea cup with my pinkie out? Wait, most importantly, do I have the money?” Yes, they were just flashing across my mind, all at once.

My night was splendid, almost spectacular, in fact. Though it cost me quite a bit, but for the price, you get excellent food, service and warm hospitality. Their crew was a lovely bunch of fun and friendly people. They sang dedicated birthday songs and cheered along for every festive celebration. Each table has individually assigned waiters to see that our needs are meticulously met. Ours cheekily took ‘selfies’ of themselves when we got them to help us take a picture(I’ll upload it with this post). Haha! However, be careful whenever you’re ordering off a waiter’s recommendation because they more often than not, cost a whole lot more than you’d expect!

I love their Squid Ink Spaghetti(though that wasn’t my main) for its creamy smooth texture. The squid was fresh and doesn’t reek with that fishy smell one would be guarded of. Everyone was like a family there and we felt really pampered by their staff.

A definite thumbs up for this one!

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Cosy Italian restaurant

This is probably the most authentic Italian restaurant you can ever find in singapore. The waiters and chefs are family members of the same Italian family. The restaurant is located at a quiet and cosy corner of Mayfair and the service provided was warm and friendly- truly european I must say. Reservation is a must.

We tried their proscuitto ham on rock melon which was simple and nicely done. It's not easy to get extremely sweet-tasting melon these days but the melon here was fantastic.

The other two items that we tried were equally well done: squid ink pasta tossed with crabmeat in creamy tomato sauce & risotto cooked with porcini mushroom. The crabmeat pasta here is probably one of the best crabmeat pastas I've tried in singapore, along with that of Marmalade Pantry and Etna.

This restaurant is great for an authentic Italian dining experience and most of their customers are expats as well. You can also pop by the pastry shop next door for some delicious pastries.

Parking can be a problem as the car park is very small. Valet parking is available to solve this problem.

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