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Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant

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275 Holland Avenue Holland Village Singapore 278993
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 06, 2012    

Amici Italian Restaurant is located in Holland Village. The interior of this Italian-themed restaurant exudes a buoyant and cosy ambience perfect for an exciting meal regardless of lunch or dinner with your family and friends or a romantic date with your partner.

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Pretty average

I visited this place because I bought a Groupon voucher upon hearing of this place as an award winning restaurant. However, I think that's really overrated and it makes sense when you realise the award was from a really long time ago. The standard has probably deteriorated since.

What I disliked most was the somewhat open-air kitchen. It being my first time there, I didn't know any better and accepted a table right outside the kitchen. Oh boy, however good their food might smell, when all the smells from a hot kitchen waft out all together, it just doesn't end up smelling good and I don't think I left the restaurant smelling any good either. My advice is to request for a table nearer to the back door, away from the kitchen.

The food was average and didn't leave much of an impression. I shared a pizza and a pasta with a friend but can't even remember what I ordered.

The service was good though. The staff were all friendly and polite, even if they weren't the most efficient. (We had to wait really long to get our change, we thought they weren't going to give us any.)

Overall, I think it was a nice experience visiting this "award-winning" restaurant but I don't think I'll be back anytime soon.

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Amici signature crab meat aglio olio!

After running out of ideas about what to eat at Holland V, my friends and I decided to try our luck at Amici. We did not make any reservations and we heard that reservations are needed due to the popularity of this restaurant. Lucky us, we got a seat! First impression of the restaurant is really impressive. It has dim lights and an open concept kitchen. The layout of utensils on the table is really professional and luxe looking. It's a nice place for dates as it is really romantic here. We got served iced water as soon as we were seated and the menu was handed to us. The menu can get really hard to read with the small font and dim lights but it should be fine. If you are not sure of anything, you can always ask the friendly staff.

We ordered their signature crab meat aglio olio which was priced at $32 if I can't remember. We also ordered sauteed mushrooms and a hawaiian pizza. The crab meat aglio olio was so good!!! There were big chunks of crab meat and the flavoring was done just right, not too overpowering but not too bland either. There was an adequate amount of "kick". This will be the only dish I recommend for the sauteed shrooms and pizza were not very nice. Pizza had very little ingredients on it and the crust was a little hard. The sauteed mushrooms tasted heavily of "hua tiao chew' (chinese cooking wine) and it tasted so odd we had trouble finishing it. It also reminded me of the type of mushrooms you get at the economic rice stall.

If you ever come here, I guess you can just try the pasta dishes. Skip the pizzas and sauteed mushrooms. Prices are really high here but I guess that's what you pay for quality food (only applies to the crab meat aglio olio), great ambience and polite service.

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crab meat aglio olio
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(Updated: December 10, 2012)


Been to this restaurant twice and my last visit made me decided not to go there again. First of all the food is average, the tiramisu is the only dish worth mentioning. Ambience is not good, the phone kept ringing and the staff refuse to pick it up (could it be that they know those calling are customers who bought groupon or other coupons knowing that they they can only go by reservation?)

My friend made reservation a week ago for table for 3 and we were placed at the table just beside the glass door. Our table trembles every time when someone opened and closed the door. We requested to change table as there were empty tables around. However we were told that those tables were reserved. But some of the tables were still empty even after we finished our meal. The attitude of the staff was snobbish and rude. They also looked grumpy and took a long time to refill our water. Simple thing like getting a new spoon was only acceded after repeated requests. We had a terrible experience there and really felt very unwelcome.

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Crowded but with good food!

I bought vouchers on to visit Amici's a few months back. having heard a lot about Amici's, i was quite eager to try it out.

It was quite difficult to make reservations, as it's quite popular with the Holland village crowd. I ordered the lobster, which came out to be quite sizable. There's an open-glass window kitchen, which somehow didn't quite fit in with the restaurant's theme. The food was rather tasty, not authentic, but tasty. But the general ambience was poor, with a general feeling of the restaurant being overcrowded.

Good experience, but would prefer it if the ambience was a bit quieter.

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Not a great experience I would say

Having purchased the Amici card, I’ve decided to head down for my one-for-one deal and my complimentary white wine with my family!

Tip: We went on a weekend so it was real packed! I would suggest you making an appointment beforehand.

It wasn’t a really pleasant trip I would say, food was below par and cold, service was really slow (not good for the hungry souls) and the bill added up to a total of $150++ for the five of us despite having 3+2free main courses and we didn’t order any drinks since we had the complimentary white wine. Oh ya, did I mention that we had to ask the waitress thrice for our white wine?

We were horrified, because the food was definitely not worth the wait and the price we paid. We could have gotten better food at the same price or maybe even lesser.

Nothing really worth mentioning, hmmm maybe the hawaiian pizza that tastes like... normal pizza you can get anywhere & the crayfish pasta was average! Would have been better if the portion was bigger considering the price of it and it's their signature.

Atmosphere? The table beside us just kept staring at us because it was really cramped, which we felt really uncomfortable.

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Holland Village
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